Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Better explanation

Carmell, said she didn’t understand so let me explain more why I want to hurt these people.

I have ALWAYS said I would never move into an Home Owner Association. Well that was before I went looking for a home and this was one of the better homes.

I live in a gated community, with a swimming pool and beautiful landscaping, playground, clubhouse and tennis court access.

Sounds good right? WRONG.

I thought I did all my research, well it was one thing I didn’t know about – I should ask to see the HOA financials.

So we move in and never heard anything from the Home Owner Association about paying our monthly dues of $100.00. My bell start ringing, but I am thinking they will get around to it. Nope. I ask my next door neighbor and she gives me the run down of everything, beautiful neighborhood, you will love the pool, the flowers all types of stuff. I ask her when was the last home owners meeting? She says TWO years ago, she couldn’t remember. Well that didn’t sit well with me. Memorial Day come and pool don't open AND the grass isn't cut. WTF, my neighbor goes off about the pool. I told my husband that people will get concerned then and they did. But not for the right reasons.

I went over to the office and asked about the President and all the goodies and no one was there. I wait until I see someone go in and I run over. I ask him what the dilly is and he tells me this long story how we don’t have any money because our old management company took all the money and they were fighting to get it back. Needless to say the old company took a milli. Yes you heard that right and we owe creditors out the ass. And yes you heard me say we because since we are a homeowners association they can sue ALL of the homeowners. Also, every time I would ask him questions about where is this or that, they act like I was in the wrong for asking. Once a lady asked me was I a spy for their old mgmt company because I was the first one to ever ask to see old minutes (no bitch I know my rights). Needles to say they don't care for me too much, but one thing you have to know is when I start off with something I am very professional, but I can definitely take it there if need be. Also, they like to play the game of divide and concur and they are doing very well because the neighbors don't want to be involved.

So, of course this didn’t sit well with me I asked him what is going on and all of this what is the next move. I found out that they weren’t really trying to do anything. It is amazing what a little bit of power would do for some folks. Every time I would ask him something he would go back to how no one paid, and how we were suing the mgmt company. Well guess what we got back a quarter of the money. WHICH did not pay our bills we still owed. We have no leaders at all. No true board. They claim they don’t want to be bothered, but then when you say okay, well do an election so people who want to be involved can be. They stall.

I have been here for two years and the pool has not been opened. I mean that is fucking ridiculous. They changed the bylaws (to suite them) the incorrect way and I am tired. They made it so you can’t have any meetings, if you do they call them illegal meetings (yes, two meetings happened before and no I was not involved I just got there, but I did attend). The whole time they kept complaining about dumb stuff and some of the people never paid their HOA but demanded stuff. Man that is a whole nother story because it will take longer than it already have.

They finally said they would give us an election in June. We filled out paper work nothing happened. They said they would give us one in October. Nothing happened.

We have been asking for financials and have only received them once in May I think and have been getting the run around since. I have shelled out 2400 and counting so far and will continue. I do not want to, but if I do not I can’t vote and I have to be able to vote (whenever it happens) so I can have a voice.

Only some states have laws governing HOA, so that is the biggest issue, you really have no one to turn to.

Now, let me say this too. They hate pressure, if I send emails and stuff they will entertain me for a little while. HOWEVER IT IS ONLY A FEW of us, because everyone else is tired of fighting, but damn that. For instance, after I posted about protesting, I emailed them again and asked about the election and they said they will be notifying people this week and next. So a little movement again, but I do not know for how long.

So, yes I need to do something to agitate them, but I just haven’t figured out what yet. I will give them until the end of next week though since they responded to my email.

I must say I do understand their apathy SOMETIMES, you get tired of knocking your head on a wall but money is coming out of your pocket you gotta know where it is going. We have cameras that don't work, but we have Flat Screen T.V.'s, DVR to record shit with (this is what 1 person determine to buy with our settlement), that is like having a pinto with spinners.

Did I tell you my neighbors are policemen, firemen, teachers, statisticians, work for the mayor office, lawyers, radio personality and some more. I say all that to stay these are not stupid people, these are people who are functioning, tax paying citizens, but they are burned out of fighting. I'm not.

What would you do?


cici said...

I know you will get to the bottom of it. Go get'em...Now you just need a few more like you.

Pajnstl said...

ugh... thats messed up, but i still have no advice.

Carmell said...

i have none either. sounds like u need some major help with like minded people. knowing me i would be on the sidelines. but thanks for explaining that more!

Kamika said...

*Sue! Get some of your neighbors together and go and speak with a Real Estate attorney.

*Management companies should be voted in by the MEMBERS of the HOA and not the Board.

*Before you jump further into this battle ask for a copy of your Building Standards and the Annual Budget (both of these should be readily available to the MEMBERS). These may need to be audited. Your looking for reserve accounts, allotment of special assessments they've billed you, how they've budgeted for current year expenses, etc. You're also making sure they are not exceeding the mandated allowable increase/witholdings. They tend to do this type of stuff to cover shortfalls and then when the MEMBERS can't pay they lien on their property and try to foreclose. This is what most people fear but it normally doesn't happen that often. (BUT FOLK DON'T KNOW THAT)

*Make sure you're HOA is not part of a larger "Master" HOA. This may make things kind of messy. You don't want to be lumped in with renters when you own or worse have the same HOA overseeing another development.

I don't know a whole lot about HOAs because my background is Commercial, but hopefully the little I gave you above can help.

RealHustla said...

Ugh, this sound like a mess. But maybe if we had a home owner's association, my neighbors wouldn't treat their front porch like a storage shed.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, that is a trip girl !!! I am sorry to hear that. So... I bet they keep up the pool a bit and the grounds a bit to fool folks and this way houses keep selling. I am in agreement, it's time for you guys to get together and retain an attorney. Please keep us informed !