Monday, January 05, 2009

Is picketing your neighbors house bad for relations?

What it do people?!

I need your help with my HOA. They are BEYOND dysfunctional and what really irks me is these people are made up of the best that D.C. has to offer, but you talk about dysfunctional, I think a better word would be trifling or Ghet. not ghetto, just GHET!

We have been functioning without a board (3 certified retards) for the entire time I have been living in my home 2 years now to be exact and I am at my whits end as to what to do to them besides fucking them up. If I could get away with some shit someone would be slow walked ya dig. But since that is not the case and I know I would fall the fuck out when the pull out the handcuffs (Mama ain’t raise no punk, but I know my limits and that shit is jail) I have to come up with a better plan.

I want to picket some folks house, I got the idea from my husband on the ride to Costco.

Mr. Conservative: What the hell are the people doing? How come the election didn’t happen yet?
Urban: Why don’t you call them? I am tired of being bothered. I will pick up again tomorrow. I needed a break.
Mr. Conservative: Well you have been handling everything. I thought you were doing this, and doing that. You were getting this and that done? What happened?
Urban: I have been, I get tired sometimes, nothing is stopping you from doing anything. Don’t blame me for their dysfunction.
Mr. C: I am not blaming you I am just asking questions (he used my own fucking line on me, bitch). I mean you the one with the Poli Sci degree (low blow). You the one talking about it only take a few people when other things in government don’t work right, protest.
U: Yeah, but that does not involve our neighbors and its only a couple of us.
Mr. C: Man you need to follow your own advice and do something you talk all this shit and don’t do nothing.
U: Well others need to get involved, why I always got to be in charge.
Mr. C: I have heard you give many speeches to the kids about leaders and followers.

I so hate my husband when he is right (but oh so sexy). I slept and woke up this morning and was like you know what he is right. I can protest these mutherfuckers and I can get people together because everyone is sick and tired of being sick and tired because of the dysfunction which is how they want it to continue.

I really don’t want to start no shit with three damn neighbors but, whats a girl to do? I have sent certified letters, I have badgered them with emails. I have done all types of stuff and it gets them moving and then it gets stagnant, I am so tired of playing games. We have a pool and it has not been opened for two years. Any advice before you see me on CNN with a damn torn Spiderman bedsheets with words glued on it.

What’s a neighbor to do?


Pajnstl said...

ummm.. I dont have any advice. none..

Good luck!

Carmell said...

i'm lost. what exactly are they doing?

cici said...

of course I read the last post before this one. This is a problem. Good luck. That is why I won't live where there is a HOA