Friday, January 23, 2009

Part II: What she found on the computer

Part II

While trying to give her an update on me and home slice convo my boss walked in my office so I had to cut it short. I then received a text from her to call her back because it was urgent. I call her back and the conversation went like this.

Urban: What’s up?
God sister: So, you know I don’t use the computer because I get everything on my Blackb.erry. But I wanted to look at some pictures so I go and look on the house computer.
U: um kay
G: So I go under the pictures and then I see a special folder.
U: kay (laughing inside because I basically know what happened)
G: Why was it naked pictures in there and videos. Some shit talking about baby oil and stuff.
U: (crying at this point) What you do?
G: I start thinking and am like I am going to kill Bigboy (her 11th grader) when he get home. I call MYBFF (her husband) and tell him that I was on the computer and I was under that folder and do you know what I found and I am going to kill Bigboy and he was like, I am on my way home, its not his its mine.
G: You laughing, but you wouldn’t be laughing if the shoe is on the other foot.
U: Why wouldn’t I? I watch the shit with him, why I gotta be mad. You can’t really be mad at him. If you act like this, this is why he hid it. Man please I know all Mr. Conservative business therefore, I don’t have that shizznit on my computer, if he do, I don’t know about it.


G: well, he probably watching the shit because I ain’t fucked him 2 months.
U: WTF?!? What the hell wrong with you? Are you getting a divorce? Are you sick? Is everything okay? Is MYBFF cheating? What the hell is wrong?
G: Nothing.
U: Do you want a divorce?
G: No
U: Then you better jump on that shit. Your ass is healthy, ain’t sick and you are not trying to get a divorce. You got to be out of your damn mind. Call Vicki, somebody, hell ain’t your anniversary this weekend?
G: Yup
U: Hell we will babysit. Shit bring them two over the house. I will buy you a outfit.
G: You are so crazy…girl he is pulling in the driveway now.
U: Um, okay, well you need to hurry up and undress and meet him at the door, call you back after about three hours.

WHAT IN THE SAM HELL? I am sorry, two months is too long, not to be handling your business and you want to stay married or in a damn relationship. Fuck that, I am hunting my husband down EVERY night like a mutherfucker we have been together for almost 17 years and I ain’t never went 2 months, not even when he pissed me the hell off.

This hussy had a nerve to say to me, do you think that is why he is looking at the pictures. Um, no, everything is not about you. Men (and woman) look at p.o.r.n. because they want to. Now if he is addicted that is another thing. Everyone has their own opinion about porn, so that’s up to you what you feel and don’t feel, I just try not to control other people decisions and choices (yeah I do). However, I sure am butting in about 2 damn months because I love her husband and he is a excellent guy, hell I would trade her in and keep him. He is just that sweet, now I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors except for what she tells me and I KNOW that she is the one that is the terror.


Anonymous said...

lawd she ASKING for him to go out and fuk something else. she lucky ALL she found was porn.

time for her to drop drop drop like its hot... bend over and take it... put her mouth on it... break out the toys... pretend she's a porn star... become his fantasy... work the kegels... spin on the dik... make some furniture move...

**disclaimer** just because you sex your hubby all the time don't mean he won't cheat, BUT if you freakin his ass on the regular the liklihood that he will cheat is highly unlikely.

Drain his ass. He won't be able to get it up to put it in.

Lovebabz said...

I am always amazed at women who use sex as some sort of bargaining chip to withhold...I mean don't you want to enjoy yourself too. When you deny him...your denying yourself as well.

She will take a loss and she wont be prepared for 2 months turning into permanance.

KnitFloozy said...

How come she didn't greet him at the door in the red shoes? you know the one's you don't wear out of the house? Two months puh-lease. She bedda quit playing. He'll be down on the corner picking somebody up....Buy that man some porn - leave it in his computer and let him have his play time if that what he wants. If she really wanna keep him around...she will break out the clear heels and get to dropping it like it's hawt....

KnitFloozy said...

yepyep...leave that brotha on empty and he will be looking for more..from her

Carmell said...

hmmm... interesting thoughts ladies... well i'm in the same boat with godsista... its going on 4 months for me. i just don't want to... yeah i may be doing myself a disservice but its not getting to me yet. we had this conversation the other day and i just told him straight up we are just living together at this point. our anniversary of 6 yrs is the first week in Feb... blah!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow, two months. You are right, even when they do something that really pisses you off wouldn't you need it for yourself if not for him ?