Monday, January 26, 2009

Teamwork at its finest

Why me? Why do I always get teamed up with losers. I mean for real, there has to be a cut off point of how many dumb ass people I have to work with in a life time. I mean seriously.

Okay, so I am in a new team and the professor chose these lovelies. This is my legal class and I tell you I seriously want to see if these fuckers graduated from college before. Someone was giving brains to a professor somewhere along the way.

My team has not met since January 12th when school started because of MLK bday. We have had two weeks off to meet as a team and discuss our problems right? Um, wrong. These mutherfluckas have not responded to emails or they respond with dumb shit. Here is a couple.

1. Can someone write the problem down I don’t have the book it cost $200.00 and I won’t be getting it anytime soon. This was sent on Wednesday… a week and a half after an email was sent to her.

The one chick in my group, who does her work and was in my last group said to me, you see this shit what should we do. Me. Shit. YOU can send her shit if you want to but I am not. Ya’ll may think its mean, but I don’t. I understand not having the funds to pay for books. Hell, I barely have any money, a sistah had to wait a week or two to get my hair perm, good lawd. This is my issue with her. You were given the assignment on Monday, you knew you did not have the book nor was going to get it any time soon, why not say that like Monday or when we sent you the email. You wait until its almost time for class and then said can you type it in the email, shit it ain’t one sentence, HELL NO. If you were really concerned you would have tried to talk to someone in the beginning.

2. I got one Gremlin on my team who did not perform last semester.

I did not tell you because I complain about every damn thing else, but this girl was also in my group and she did no work, and I do mean no work. Well she did turn in work that looked like the sentences was formed by a second grader or straight plagiarism or write how she speaks (I can do this on my blog), which we all know is wrong. We had to redo her shit to get an A, okay. We scheduled a time to call each other and discuss our project and when we called her, she said she was sleep and did not talk. Then she had the audacity to say she was going to present to the class, so I asked her did she plan on coming to class on time that day (she is always an hour OR two late, no bullshit) and my teammates started laughing. I honestly did not say it to be mean. I wanted to know, because she act like she could not meet with us and then as I said always late, hell on the first day of our current class, she was on time, but left early. I told them ya’ll think the shit is funny but I am serious. Needless to say, she showed up on time and presented OUR work.

3. Only one person is responding to emails. I sent out an email to them today to ask were we going to at least try and meet before class.

I get one response from this guy who said lets meet on campus at Shitbucks. Cool. That was it. WTF. I then get a phone call from the girl in my previous group to say that she is tired of them and the guy emailed her and asked her. GET THIS for the answers to the problems. I died laughing when she told me this and she said I am not responding to his dumb ass. I hanged up with her and checked my email and saw a email from him and this is what it said.

Hi Urban,

( Help, Help,Help)
Could you please send me the answers of the 2 Questions becuase I couldn't find it.

Best wishes

My response to him.

Did you read the chapter? Research the case on the web?

I mean seriously, what in the hell is really hood here. So far I still have not received a response from 3 other members in our group. How come I always have to be the bad gal. I am going to confront them either before class or after, because they will not be getting a grade based off of my work. Not gonna happen, the gremlin already did that last semester.

Oh and lookie what my horoscope says.

Taurus (4/20-5/20)
You'll have to perform a tricky negotiation with someone who rubs you the wrong way.

I was suppose to post a nice thing about teamwork, maybe tomorrow.......

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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh Urban, you're not the Bad Gal, just because you speak the truth. Regarding your group, it's very scary that these folks could be some of our future leaders in America.