Friday, January 23, 2009

Part III: Still playing games

Before I write part three let me say something. Patrice makes a good point, just cause you screw your husband/whomever, don't mean they aren't going to cheat. I firmly believe that sex don't always play the part of cheating, I think its more emotional on both partners part for whatever reasons - finances, lack of commitment and other things. However, I also believe your ass bet not leave no door open for someone else to walk through and put their foot up (shhhiiiittttt).

Text Message:

Urban: You fuck your husband yet?
Godsister and this is her actual messge: Hell no and don't plan to, tomorrow mark 6 years (but they been together for 13) he deleted the pictures i ask him why he said it was selfish of him i said we could watch it together im going to buy him some movies.

Urban: Bitch you crazy, please go and buy the dvd even though he says he don't want it. I would say i don't want it either after my snooping ass mother caught my hand in the cookie jar, he probably feels embarrassed.

She just text me and this is what it says:
Sure is I think he is embarrass too, but I am okay he probably really think its nothing coming no time soon i will leave him guessing.

Hold up, what do she mean I am okay......

I will be calling her, and I am going to put here what I wrote Patrice. I think me and the husband will have to do a drive by and pick up her kids and drop off some whip cream, champagne and condoms. She thinks this shit is cute, but people get old and don't want to play no games, especially emotions.

I am going to a Happy Hour but when I get home I am going to get to the bottom of this nonsense, I do not have time to break in another man because he up and leaves because she is acting a fool.


Anonymous said...

You know, I was OK until I got to the baby oil. LOL! 2 months?!? That's crazy & that's me, the prude, talking.

Carmell said...

now when i found out my husband was looking at porn i was mad. 1. because he lied to me before we got married that he didn't look at it. 2. wtf!!! i wanna see it! but damn i wasn't withholding it from him then. i was like try that shit with me!! but that was 5 years ago... he never did.. i've never looked at porn so i don't know but i felt that if thats what he wanted to do then hey lets try something... he never did.. thats 1 of the reasons we are where we are. i am BORED!!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Maybe there are other issues besides the porn. I mean, I would be upset about the porn but haven't they had a sit down and talked about it ?