Friday, January 30, 2009

Interview Question & Answers

Hi ya'll Patrice sent me interview questions, and my answers are listed below.

~ you discover that your husband had an affair, not only did he have an affair, he fathered a child, this child is the same age as your youngest. What do you do? Do you call it quits? Try to establish a working relationship with the other woman/child?

WHAT!! Run that by me again. Um, he would have to leave and there will be no establishing a relationship with the other woman nor child. Why, because I will not be seeing neither one of them because they would have to visit him at HIS house. Now remember I can say whatever the hell I want while the shit ain’t happened.

I just have a trust issue. My husband can basically come and go as he wants, because I assume he is doing whatever he says he is doing. I never had a problem with him, so if he is dipping he is very good. That's freedom, I ain't checking your cellphone and all that good shit. My mother told me if you gotta go looking you already know and if you look hard enough you will find it.

I like that freedom. So, you do something. I KNOW I am going to be timing your ass to the store and everything else. Fligga, it took your ass 4.6 minutes to go to the store when it normally takes you 2.3. I will not forget. I will probably throw it in your face every chance I got. So no ma'am I ain't the one. I do not think I am built for that shit.

Actually, College boy has a sister that is two or three weeks younger then him. I found this out many years later I think he was five. His dad called me and convo went like this.

Virginity Stealer: Hey, I want to come and get College Boy and take him to a bday party.
Urban: Cool, whose party?
VS: My daughter.
U: Okay. How old will she be?
VS: HE GOT REAL QUIET (why, because he was still trying to slide back in although I was with Mr. Conservative). I
U: Damn dude how old is she? You act like they would be the same age or some shit.
U: (I am laughing, he is NOT).
He went into this spill, and I told him to save the drama for his momma (of course other words were used) and that College Boy would be ready when he picked him up. He was lucky though, because he gave birthday parties for both of them at the same time every year, which meant he saved money, they are his only kids – 1 girl, 1 boy both 19 and will be 20 2 weeks after the other.

~ what has been your greatest learning experience to date?
I have many, so I will answer this seperate.

~ anger management comes to you and says she's a lesbian, she's in love, and she's getting married in 3 wks... what do you do? What is your reaction?

No matter if it was a man or woman she was marrying I would ask her if she lost her damn mind. WTH she is only 15. Naw, legal age, I would tell her about the trials and tribulations that me and her dad went through and that our dream for her is to finish school start a career and then move on.
I believe in unconditional love when it comes to my kids. Now do not get that statement twisted. I would be heart broken. Everyone dreams of seeing a miniature version of their child. That is why grandparents are all kissy poo. So, if she is with another woman or her brother with another man then that means we won’t get to see that.

Too each its own, I don't believe in it, but I would support her unconditionally. I do it now with my husband aunt. She is married to a woman and we all have a great relationship. It was very shocking at first because she use to be one of my clubbing partners and she was always the first on the dance floor getting swarmed by the guys. But when I look back sometimes I am not too surprised. Ooh I got another story, another day.

Suppose you were propositioned by one of your instructors for sex. Of course you would say no if it were just any ole instructor, but this instructor also happens to be your 1st love. The one that holds a special place in your heart. What do you do? If you and Mr. Conservative are in a rocky patch, does that change your answer?

Has happened, answer was no, not from my 1st love though. Answer to first love would be no, no matter what. When I am done, I am done.

~ Hypothetically speaking, Mr. Stephon ends up needing transplant surgery of some sort, as is customary you and hubby go in and have bloodwork done to see if you all are matches. The results come in. Neither of you are matches. Turns out their was a mix~up at birth, the nurses gave you the wrong baby. What do you do?

I would say I KNEW it. That bad as boy could not have been….. I kid.

I would of course sue the hospital (gotta get that paper) and try to find out where is my baby. They would be ten so I think it would be too traumatic to try and switch them, so I would want to form some type of bond with my child. Now if my baby is being treated like a bald headed step child, then I would try to keep Mr. Stephon and get my baby too.


Anonymous said...

lol good answers :) funny though the one i thought was easy is the one u have to come back to answer.

and i feel you @ if you look you will find.

n0days0ff said...

Trice you need to go satchyassdown somewhere with all these cheating/your daughter is a big ole freak questions before urban run away from home

Adrienne said...

Great interview!!! Loved your answers!