Friday, January 23, 2009

So many stories, so little time.... Part 1

Lawd, being back at school has left me with less time to blog. Who am I lying to? That is not true; I have been on vacation for two weeks and then had Monday and Tuesday off, because of MLK and the Inauguration. I have been lazy as hell, and did not feel like blogging. Well that is a plus for you all because that means many stories. Let’s kick this off with my god sister. I WAS going to make a post about how to keep it grown and sexy with your mate for many years but after talking to her this morning I had to tell you this.

Part 1.

My god sister put me down as a reference; she is going for a top sec. clearance. So straight, no problems. Dude called me and asked could he come in person and I told him sure. He comes and I thought I was in the 1980’s. I am looking at him like WTF, he was dressed like a 1980’s Fuzz agent. I mean he had on a plaid sports coat, badly fitted, but I have noticed since looking at my husband GQ magazines, that MOST men don’t wear suits correctly (my boo do). He had the attitude of a 30 something year old, cool and pleasant and we joked about getting around the city because of the traffic with the Inauguration and then the Abortion protest (give the shit up already, go do something productive for the kids who are here). But the clothes. Okay, enough about the man clothes. But seriously people, they really should come up with a better system, I mean the questions was so lame. I have done security clearances for people before, by paper and then this time for a higher one in person. The questions are dumb/stupid to me.

First. Who is going to list a dumb ass person that is going to spill the beans on something? Uh, yes, I think she uses drugs like twice a week off her husbands’ ass….. I mean come on.

Second, the questions. I am not going to list all, but I will list the one I thought was the dumbest. Does she spend beyond her means? Um, what? How the hell do I know? Maybe she should not have bought that truck, she should have used that money to put her son through private school…..or better yet, the deck she put on her home, um, not so much. That question is so subjective.

Okay, will be back later to tell you what happened when I called to tell her about the results, and the guy when she hit me with some shit on the computer, her husband or son and some more shiggity.

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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Interesting. Very funny that you used the word Fuzz. Here come da fuzz. I'd forgotten all about that phrase.