Tuesday, December 02, 2008

$1,163 Cell Phone Bill - GTFOH!

My BFF Florence Nightingale and I have been friends since we were 13 and she suffers from the same disease that I do, Nogoodsisteritis. Sisters that can’t act right for shit. Although mine is in remission right now and has been acting right for the past two years, well at least she has ALL of her kids now and have found Christ (and let everyone and their momma know she's a Christian). Well, her sister is divorced with 4 kids. She works minimum wage and receives no support from ex-husband, or the state. However, she does receive support from my BFF and her mother who was retired, and is now coming out of retirement to help her.

This is so ridiculous. I told my friend on numerous occasions that she will have to learn to do what I did. Do not answer the phone. If your mom start talking about the situation, tell her you do not want to know about it. If you do not know about it, you cannot help or feel guilty about it. My mother told me I was mean, I told her I was being honest. I cannot do everything. You all stress me out and I feel helpless when I cannot help. That’s why I have a fucking sleeping disorder now AND that’s why I don’t pick up the phone. If I get a phone call from their ass it might take me a week or a month to call them back, I have to prepare myself mentally to deal with that shit. Love them all but I have to do what’s right for me. At the end of the day – can I come to you for a loan to pay my bills? Hell no.

BFF Florence Nightingale: Hey, I called you the other day to tell you, you were right.
Me: I was studying. What are you talking about I was right?
BFF: I got my cell phone bill.
Me: Okay.
BFF: You know I don’t check my mailbox everyday (me neither) and Saturday I went to the mailbox and saw my cellphone bill and was like damn this sucker feels like a book. I opened it and the fucker was 44 pages, 1 page for me and 43 pages for my sister. The total was 1,163.00.
Me: WHAT!!!
BFF: Yup, so you was right I wish I would have listened to you. I am always trying to help them and this is what she does. Of course, I bought them shit on Black Friday and I want to take it all back, but its’ not the kids fault.
Me: I am still stunned at the amount.
BFF: Yeah, so my cellphone company told me I need to pay it all by Friday.
Me: Are you serious.
BFF: Yeah, I told them, I could pay some on Monday and then pay on it and they told me they want some Friday, not Monday.
Me: You have been with them for a long time; they should let you do a payment plan.
BFF: Yeah, they told me if I cannot come up with the money to call them back, and they will work something out.
Me: Man that's fucked up.
BFF: (starts crying) You know my mother is coming out of retirement to help support them. I am always trying to help them. I have a phone in my house, I just wanted to make sure they have a phone in the house for emergencies and this is what they do. I just can’t do it any more. I am going to call my mortgage company and tell them we are going to pay them half and then pay them again at the end of the month because I do want to have Christmas for me and my family. And you know Mr. BFF cursed me out. Girl he gave me a very crazy look, I never want him to look at me like that again.
Me: That's messed up. Your mom has been working 2 and 3 jobs for years and now when it is time for her to rest she can't enjoy or retirement with her husband. You know I am going to tell you straight. Mr. Bff had every right to be mad at you. You told him to stop helping his family and you are still helping yours.
BFF: That is exactly what he said.
Me: I am not trying to take up for your sister or anything, and yes, it was foul and yes, I would want to fuck her up, but she did not do it maliciously. She just did not pay attention. She does not know responsibility. You and your mom never let her fail. You always pick up the pieces and take care of it. You all have been doing it for years. It’s like drugs she needs to hit rock bottom. She needs to stand in those lines and get assistance. It makes no since that she is not getting any assistance from dude (ex-husband) and he is living in style. I would make her get help, by not helping her.
BFF: Yeah, she told me that she will give me $100 every two weeks and then the ex-husband came over and said, he did not know they did not have a phone, he would have done something **DEAD** and then gave me $20.00 and said he will give more when he can.
Me: $20 whole dollars. WOW! Did you tell him to go fuck himself, because I would have.
BFF: Yeah, I told my husband, now I only owe 1,143.00

My BFF had two cellphones for her company. She wanted to cancel the other phone because she did need it any more, but she would have to pay a huge cancellation fee, so she waited until the contract was up to cancel it. In the meantime, her sister finally got her own place and she gave them her phone so that the kids would have one in the house while her sister was at work. It was suppose to be used for emergencies. When she told me this, I told her to get her phone, because you do not know what they are doing. I told her this because she told me she caught her sister sending a picture message and she told her that she does not have that in her plan. I told her again. Get your phone because how do you know that is the first time or the last time she is going to do it. I know you want to help them, but it is not your responsibility, better yet, if the bill is high, can she help you pay the bill? Not thinking that the bill was going to be THAT high, I just knew they did not care.

Guess what?

Me: So what are they going to do for a phone now?
BFF: She went and put minutes on her phone.
Me: You see what the fuck I am saying, so NOW she can put minutes on her phone.
BFF: Right. Man I am so blown right now.

This is the friend I told you about in July (I think) that took her sister kids to Disney, because they never been on vacation before and she wanted them to experience a plane ride, and being on vacation.


Brothers Blog said...

WOW! That is such a sad situation. I feel for your BFF. I've known people who have and also been put in situations like this before. But I just now refuse to help anyone that is not trying to help themselves. I refuse to do more for you than you will do for yourself and or your own kids. That is just insane. I hope for her own sake your BFF learned her lesson. If not she'll be getting burned again soon.

KnitFloozy said...

that is insane....i really hoped she learned her lesson. that is asking waaaaay to much from a sibling..

Cas... said...

When I hear stuff like this and someone needs advice I always tell them "God takes care of fools and children".

So they're well covered.

I completely understand your point of view and hope you bff and her mom comes around and realizes it too!

Adrienne said...


Carmell said...

WHAT!! no ma'am. she sound like her sister is my sister. mine is staying here now! it gonna take rock bottom. at least mine is finally starting to get it. cause she will be getting WIC and food stamps when she get up out of here!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

This is really sad that your friend continues to stay in and be pulled down into this type of drama.

Knitaholictoo said...

GASP!!! LOL @ 1,143...GASP, again! BFF AND MOMMA are keepin' that GROWN-A** WOMAN in poverty. You said right, Urb. Cut 'em loose, she'll do what she needs for her family. DAAAAAAG! She managed to get minutes on her phone after all that! WoW! Hugs to BFF & MOMMA.

Pajnstl said...

I'm so speechless! I would be ready to kick ass!!

nikki said...

HELL TO THE DOUBLE M0THAFUCKIN NAW. i'm sorry, but ain't no way i'm dealing with that. family do you worse than enemies! it's messed up there are kids involved, but either someone needs to get custody of the kids or put her in some kind of program cuz that can't continue.