Friday, December 26, 2008

Italian Christmas - Oh Joy

Hey folks,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate. We spent the holiday at my in-law house. Yeah me! Everything was Italian food.

Now, I understand everyone gets tired of the bird, but as my daughter said – grandma, we only eat it a couple times a year. Jeez. The food was okay, but she called me for half the recipes. If this ain’t your thing, why pick a holiday to do it? Oh and people, you cannot or should I say should not make lasagna with cheddar cheese WTF. My husband aunt can’t cook worth shit. I mean seriously no one eats her food. Example - a couple years ago she made stuffing and the shit was the consistency of sand. No bull, it was grainy like sand. I got caught up though because his mother offered me the lasagna and I love lasagna so I was like yes, cut me a piece and then she said – yeah, Aunt No Cook made it. My husband was DYING and no one else got a piece. I was going to slyly throw it in the trash, but my MIL was on me like how does it taste and so I had to take a bite. That shit was horrible. I just said, yes it taste okay, but um, I really don’t eat cheddar cheese on my lasagna, she turned her head and that shit went in the trash.

We had fun though, we played Pictionary and it was HILARIOUS!! My team won as usual. I think I told you all or maybe I didn’t that I originally didn’t want to go to the party because my husband family teases me about being smart (as if I am going to dumb it down – man up your vocab people). Every holiday they play games and I am cool with that, but I play to win. So I stopped playing with them to give their ass a chance to win, but when I say no. His mom and family say come on and play even though we know you are going to beat us. Urban is sooo smart (GTFOH, I can’t help I read). Shut the fuck up with ya’ll backhand compliments. Do what my family do and play cards! Spades anyone?

Well, Pictionary have nothing to do with smarts, but you need to know how to draw a little and try to come up with a concept. Mr. Stefon was too damn funny. He is so competitive (do not know where he got that from). He told his grandma and his aunt he did not want to be on their team because they did not know what they were doing (they played Thanksgiving and he gave them a what for I am told). He was yelling at them because they could not get simple shit. He would go to draw and say I know ya’ll not going to get it. I thought I would die. I tried to explain teamwork and he said I know mommy but they just cannot get it, watch. His grandma told him, we really going to try this time. I was CRYIN!!

The best part about the holiday.

Grandma: Kids did you bring your clothes?
Kids: No, we did not know we were going to spend the night.
Grandma: Well, you know you should have bought clothes, but I have a washer and dryer.
Mr. Stefon: Anger Mgmt you going to stay?
Anger Mgmt: I have homework packets to do (fucking nerd).
Mr. Conservative: I will come get you on Saturday.
Anger Mgmt: Okay
Mr. Conservative and I: Bye and Merry Xmas.

WE DIPPED!! Went home turned the fireplace on got some drinks and had a private dance party.


Amanda said...

I love your family stories. I have a sister that cannot cook (unless Kraft Mac and Cheese is on the menu) so we make a point to never eat a her house. Sounds like you had a great holiday. Hope you enjoy the kid free time!

Cas... said...

The no cooking aunt story had me cracking up! Cheddar Cheese in Lasagna! PLEASE! YUCKO!

I'm like you with games. I end up being called a ringer at Scrabble! LOL!

Grandma is funny! LOL! Why didn't you bring your clothes? Why didn't you tell them to bring clothes!

I had a Cajun Thanksgiving so a Italian Christmas doesn't sound bad as long as you can cook. What was she thinking!

Sounds like you had a good time anyway!

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Xmas dinner

Alright now!! @ private dance - I would have left them too! LOL

Glad your holiday was nice gurl!

Sheila said...

Happy Holidays.

LoL @ Aunt No Cook made it.

ROFLMAO @ Pictionary Game. My family loves to play Taboo and you want to talk about family members that don't know It takes them nearly 15 minutes to give a word clue only to realize they used the damn word on the

Anonymous said...

lol, homework packets!! Even I, nerd to the bone, wouldn't do homework on Christmas.