Monday, December 08, 2008


Friday was very eventful. In the morning Mr. Stefon and I was in a hit and run on the metrobus. The truck ran a red light, then decided to back up into the side of us while the bus was still moving. The bus stopped, the truck took off. I thought about diving on the floor screaming my neck and my back, but figured that would not be a good character move, especially with studying ethics and all. Dayhum.

Later, I got a text from my husband asking me did I want to go out for drinks or stay in for drinks. Um, GO OUT. I get off go home, and it changes to stay in for drinks. Dayhum, I swear he knew I was planning on going out with the girls. So, we stayed home, order the nasty Chinese food ever, and I STILL did not get anything to drink. He made himself a Pomegranate Martini. I had the pleasure of pressing, flattening, curing my daughter natural hair for a dinner she was going to on Saturday. I so wish she would get a perm, well not really. Nevertheless, I am tired of doing her hair.

Saturday, Stefon had his first party/sleepover at a non-family member house. I was on pins and needles all night. I do not mind if my kids going over family members houses – well grandparents houses, but others, no. I convince my kids they would have a better time at our house. Well, I could not compete with laser tag and an indoor pool. The pool is what really sent me over the edge. Mr. Stefon and water, oh lawd. Well he came back in one piece, so that was good. Anger Mgmt went to her party with her friends, her friend is moving to Brazil, her parents are in the service. She looked so cute, with her mini heels on. Mr. Conservative made a 15 bean soup and as much as the kids and me turned our nose up and said we were not eating it, it was So.Damn.Gooooooood.

Sunday was very peaceful day. I laid around, studied a little, cleaned up a little and cooked. Man cooking was awesome; I cooked big breakfast and dinner. It was needed. College Boy asked me what was the special occasion. I said, I always cook like this, he said you have not cooked like this in a couple months. Kids.

I made a roasted chicken, and it was very aromatic. I come down the stairs to baste the bird.

Mr. Conservative – Damn, you sure did use a rack of garlic.
Me – (hurt) what? If you have a problem with my cooking you need to cook yourself, ain’t nothing wrong with your hands.
Mr. Conservative – Man please. Why you catching an attitude? I did not know we were trying to kill vampires and werewolves.

All I could do was laugh and jump on his ass. We wrestled for a little…….


Virtuous said...

I bet y'all did wrestle! ;o) Haha!
Glad y'all weren't hurt in the hit/run

You had a good weekend!!

KnitFloozy said...

oh we calling it wrestling now. oh - well let me get my hulk hogan wig and red bandana and red boots!

Pajnstl said...

lol @ wrestling... it that what they call it these days? lol

Anna said...

a mess!!! LOL making plans almost always means that they get changed. too cute!!!

Brothers Blog said...

man metro bus? I would but on the ground needing medical attention. lol. But good thing you weren't really hurt and that you did the right thing cuz it always pays off right? lol