Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Bliss

The weekend was quite lovely.


The kids went over grandma house for the weekend. They went to a skating party. College boy went over his dads’ house, which mean we were childless. However, I did not take full advantage. My husband took the kids to their destinations and I was supposed to be setting up the fireplace (yes, it finally works) and all that. My ass was knocked out on the sofa when he came home.


My husband had to go to work which means I had the ENTIRE house to myself. Damn it was a good day. I had college basketball, a movie, food, drinks and dancing (Reggae). That is my kinda damn day.

How bout them boys!!! LET’S GO HOYAS!! HOYAS beat Memphis, I thought I was going to have to freak somebody up because the game went into overtime when it should have been over, but it was all good. LET’S GO HOYAS!!!

My girlfriends and I decided to go to Jerry’s Seafood. Someone (lied) told her they had the bomb shiggity crab cakes and that they were better than Oceanaire (she ain’t never been). Man please it was no competition. I must be fair though. I did not have their crab cakes, so I can not compare apples to apples. However, they are known for their crab bomb which is only lump crab meat no fillers and broiled. Sounds good right, well you would be wrong. That shit was some garbage. It was broiled and it was chewy and greasy. I am a picky eater, I barely like any restaurant but when I do I will give it props. If your in D.C. take your ass to Oceanaire and get their crab cake. No competition, so I will be taking them there to try a real damn crab cake.

After eating out we saw Cadillac Records. The movie was okay. It was about thirty people deep if that many - dang. The trailer is a little misleading. I thought B had a bigger role playing Etta. I mean that is how they hyped it up. I saw interviews with her saying how she went to a rehab clinic to see how a heroin addict acts, she wasted her time she did not appear in the movie until halfway through. Anywho, I could care less, they paid my damn way.

After that, we went to get drinks down Adams Morgan and had a blast. Except for one of my chicas wanting to fight one of the bouncers. Long story.


I slept so damn good. I mean really slept and I needed it, I almost feel back to normal. I watched Dexter and am a little disappointed, but whatever. I will just wait for Big Love.


RealHustla said...

I think it's safest to make things like crab cakes at home in order to get the desired effect. That mess is just too expensive to be experimenting with.

cici said...

My sisters and I went to Oceanaire on Sunday. Girl, it was the best crab cake eva! All their food is excellent imo. I especially enjoyed the Baked Alaska... yum. I would defintely give it thumbs up.

anna said...

ROFL @ bomb shiggity, too funny. so glad you had a well-deserved day to yourself. gotta unplug and just breathe. my dad loves that big love show too.

Pajnstl said...

lol @ you falling asleep.

omg i love me some big love. i stumbled on the show.