Thursday, December 11, 2008

African Rats as Pet!!! GTFOH

What in the Sam’s (I still have no clue who Sam is) Hell?

I had to post this. The husband and I are listening to Tom Joyner this morning and Roland and Anderson Cooper is on and they are talking about whatever, wasn’t paying too much attention until we heard, “Monkey Pox is occurring more often and Americans should start to worry because it has begun showing up here.” “It came here because people started bring THEIR PET AFRICAN RATS HERE.”


Anderson said I know Jay Anthony has something to say and my husband and I looked at each other and said WHO THE HELL IS BRINGING AFRICAN RATS OVER HERE AS PETS!!!!! AS FREAKING PETS!!! Man I wish you all could have seen my husband face.

Oh lawd I am still dying laughing and confused. However, they have been seen in Florida. Floridians you better watch your back that is not a possum or regular ole rat. You all might want watch CNN tonight. I am in Chocolate (mocha) City and we have a serious rat problem, those mofos look like cats, so unless they got street skillz I do not think I have anything to worry about right now.

Every time I think I have heard it all, I hear something else. So, you know everyone wants to be different. We had the Madagascar Cockroach showing up on the runway a couple years ago. Everybody and their mamma have been rocking the miniature dog in their purse. You know we like to be first, so who is going to rock the furry rat first? T.I., Lil’ Kim, you perhaps? Throw a diamond-studded collar….CAN’T TELL ME NUTHIN!!!

Who wants this exotic creature up under/eating their tree Christmas morning? Tell the truth.

By the way he is intelligent, in this picture he is sniffing for land mines.


Anonymous said...

You know I live in Florida, state of the weird. Luckily, I have a cat!

Yolanda said...

Ewwwww!!!! That is so nasty, and what an ugly looking rat. Oh how I hope and pray these things don't get popular in Texas.

cici said...

Yikes... NO WAY JOSE.