Monday, December 01, 2008


How was your weekend? Marvelous, I hope.

My extended weekend was lovely. You should have seen us ushering out them kids, my daughter asked “why are we were rush them,” “can’t I rest first and then get my stuff.” Smart ass, my husband told her she had five minutes. We got them out like an assembly line. I was so excited!! I had my husband to myself, Wednesday night, Thursday and Friday. Saturday morning I was home by my lonesome (THANK THE LORD) since he had to go back to work and them little leeches were still gone until Sunday (except for Anger Mgmt, she came back Saturday evening to do her homework).

Saturday, I baked an apple pie and finished my damn ethical questions (book) for part of my final. Thank goodness, today is the final for this class. It is open book, but the professor is a lawyer, and homey don’t play that, so I am going over material at lunch and leaving early. I am so happy this semester is almost over, I have to turn in a 10-page paper (which I have not started) for my class on Wednesday, but his final is not over until next Wednesday.

Black Friday was not all that, we got up later and went. Shit, we really wasn’t searching for anything particular, so we went and I got some pj’s for the family, 2 gaming chairs for the boys and a DVD player for my mother. Of course, since we do not celebrate Christmas, everyone got his or her stuff right away. I was upset I did not get my towels and washcloths, but I am sure there will be other sales, I was not about to stand in line for a couple of items, even if they were moving. I expected to see more people and better deals, but nope. I do not know why the news is trying to hype it up, but majority of the people I saw out shopping was trying to get deals for every day life and not so much shopping just because. Normally, I would have been out there buying all types of unnecessary things, but um, no ma’am, I like a roof over my head, with plenty of food, and I like to be warm and able to read and daily baths are a must.

I have one question though. How come I felt like I didn't have any time off when I got up this morning to go to work? You would swear I didn't have any time off. I am beat!


Sheila said...

LoL @ assembly line. I hear you I was not trying to spend 3 hours on a darn line. Only to learn later on about the tragedy at Walmart in a nearby town. I waited til Sunday and did just as good.

Pajnstl said...

girl i was dragging ass this morning.. i did NOT want to go to work! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you're tired!

We went out on Black Friday, which is never my idea. Unlike you, I hate crowds. I'm about ready to fight these ignorant people. Anyway, they always want to take the kids to take a picture with Santa. Why???

And there were no big sales; I didn't see anybody with big bags. I got my Starbucks, so I was happy.

KnitFloozy said...

folks are waaaaayy to into having a roof and food to be shopping for the frivolous stuff..