Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday

Mr. Conservative: I know we do not have money, but I want to go shopping tomorrow, Black Friday.
Me: Really? I mean we can go, I do not care. But I thought you hate to window shop.
Mr. Conservative: I know, but we go to Black Friday every year and I just want to go to look at the prices.


My husband loves to shop…….for HIM. He loves fashion. Loves to look and smell good. I love that. However, he was an only child for 26 years and he is spoiled (by his momma and his daddy).

He think he is slick, I have known this man for almost 17 years and I know he is trying to go shopping to look for a 50 inch t.v. He has been talking and TALKING about a flat screen for a long minute now. My husband hates crowds. Did you hear me HATE IT!! NOW he wants to go shopping on Black Friday? As my BFF says, chile bye! The last time we went shopping on Black Friday……..we bought a 37 inch t.v. from Cir.cuit City for $299. Whatever, but I don’t mind. I like Black Friday, I don’t mind the crowds. Me likey the people – I expect the rudeness, straight line busting, wrestlemania, and boxing. I plan on bringing homework, and knitting to keep me sane while standing in line – oh, and earplugs so I don’t have to hear him complain about the lines. Logical people know that the lines will be crazy long, but they move. Not my husband, he will be complaining about the lines.

My list of things to buy tomorrow – pjs for the kids, boots for anger mgmt, DVD for ma dukes, home ware (finger cross for the crockpot of my dreams) for me, hopefully some bake ware and a soup cookbook. Oh and Mr. Stefon godmother made a request for the ABBA DVD (WTF) and trouser socks that is made with anything but nylon.

Are you all going shopping in the a.m.?


Adrienne said...

LOL@ Him wanting to go look at the prices! LOL

I am not going out in that madness lol. I will be home on my sofa finishing up my neckwarmer and eating dressing! LOL

KnitFloozy said...

Gone and let that man get his TV! Cos when you get ret to buy some waaaayyy overpriced yarn - he can't say squat cos er uh his tv will always cost more than your yarn! LOL enjoy your leftovers cos my greens and mac and cheese is off the hook for breakfast!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Ohhhhhhhh, I made a mistake and was out in that madness this morning !!! Folks aren't just looking, they're buying !!! I am very happy for you. Many of us wish our significant others would go to the mall with us.

cici said...

Gosh ,, now I feel like going. I been sitting all day in my pjs, eating leftovers.. I think it's not to late. I am in the mood..

n0days0ff said...

Urban don't you say SNYTHING about my ABBA ok?

She's the dancing queen
Young and sweet
Only 17

Nelly Knits said...

thanks for the condolences. and about the jaywalkers, you can pick my brain anytime. It actually took me looking at another ladies website to figure out what the directions were talking about at one point.