Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend, Homework Hell, My Goodies

This weekend was great. Didn’t do too much.

Mr. Conservative and I went to the movies Friday and then went out to eat. We went to PING. It was okay. I got the Kung Pao mix and hubby got the sushi. He loved his, me no likey mine. Too damn salty, but it was a nice atmosphere so all was good. Also, I liked the fact that you could order sushi or Chinese food at the table because a lot times its one or the other.

Saturday, stayed in bed funky as hell. I told myself no t.v., no shower, now food until I completed my paper. I jumped on the internet a couple times. But I got it done by 2:30. I was so happy to see water and soap. DAYHUM!!!

Homework Hell

Well, after I got out of the shower Mr. Stefon wanted help with his homework - math. Mr. Stefon works my nerves when he ask for help because he is a KNOW IT ALL and don’t know shit. So here goes our convo.

Me: Mr. Stefon what is 2x =10

Mr. Stefon: Oh that’s easy.

Me: Okay, well what is it.

Mr. Stefon: Let’s see, that is so easy it is 5.

Me: So, X=5

Mr. Stefon: Yes mom, can we move on.

Me: We could if you didn’t put the wrong answer you have 2.

Mr. Stefon: No, I don’t. SOMEONE, must have changed it because I know the answer


Me: What?

Mr. Stefon. (Dead serious) someone must have erased it.

Me: Look, are you trying to say I did it, because the only people who could have done it is ME or YOU.

Mr. Stefon: Mommy, I know the answer.

Me: OKAY, but don’t accuse me of changing your damn answer, I don’t even have a pencil, AND you just handed to me and is sitting right here. Why can’t you just admit, you made a mistake, you know the answer, but just fast.

SEE!!! Remember he accused me of stealing before the same way, I think I told you all about that, if not, I can. Little flucker.


Oh and I think I ruined him for all woman. This morning I gave that boy everything he needed to take a shower (body wash, deodorant, lotion, sock bag), so I could have peace when I get in the shower, but nope that is not what happened. I am in MY room with the door closed, in MY bathroom with the door slightly open, assed out and have the shower running. I am in the BIG ASS MIRROR washing my face before I get in – I know wasting water (working on it), when I hear. Um mommy to my horror the fucking door is ajar. I am screaming remembering my lumpy body is visible in the damn mirror which means he can see me.


Mr. Stefon: (EYES AVOIDING ME) I knocked but you couldn’t hear me, I need my uniform.

Me: So, why are you in here, go downstairs check the dryer, your room, I don’t have them. Don’t come in my damn room.

Ya’ll I can laugh now, but not then. That boy saw my goodies. How do I know? He looked like he wanted to die, when I opened the door, he was stammering and everything. Here his father got me thinking I am a 10 and from the look of that boys frighten face, I look more like a beat up copper penny.


n0days0ff said...

My nephew is the same way when it comes to homework, never wrong. At least you had some shame but my mama used to walk around with her poak chops out for all of us to see. What is a sock bag?

Christie said...

Hey, the only person's opinion who matters is your hubby. And if you're a 10 to him, you're a 10, baby!

And don't worry about ruining him for all women...that's just payback for being a know it all!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Poor kid...he probably feels like he's scarred for life. It's not that bad, baby!

KnitFloozy said...

Lawdamercy you done scarred the boy for life! Yeah he shoulda knocked.

Carmell said...

HAHA!!! G walked in my room once when i got out the shower and saw me. now he knocks. and if he forgets and sees me i tell him thats what he gets for not knocking. he'll learn. my baby will come in and be talk about oh mama i seet yo boobs. then he'll sit in front of the shower and stare at me, i feel like i should be gettin paid or something. one time he came in while i was nakey and i had bent over to pick up my towel and he was looking all in my a$$! i shoo him out and told him he was no longer allowed in the bathroom. hes 2!

Nik said...

Girl, you're still a 10.
he probably had that look on his face because he saw HIS MOMMY'S goodies. I know if I saw my parents' goodies, I'd be in matter how perfect their bodies were.

RealHustla said...

I once asked my son to read the same sentence (homework instructions or his answer to a question, I can't remember) over and over again. He must have read it wrong about 10 times just cause he was too stubborn to take my instruction.

I was like "if you read this sentence wrong one mo gin, I'mma..."

Ugh works my nerves too.

Don't look at it as ruined. My kids won't even let me use the bathroom in peace. I gotta lock the door behind me. They wanna be up unda me 24/7. My the time he see's a really fit woman in front of him he's going to be pleasantly surprised. Like "ohhhh, alright, haaaay. This is nothing like I thought it would be."

Pajnstl said...

lmao... why are you erasing the boys answers lol

Knitaholictoo said...

stop messin' with my man's h/w!

lol at copper penny! can relate, we have one b/room.