Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He loves me, No Kids on Turkey Day and Memory Loss

He loves me
My husband picked me up from work yesterday, which does not happen all the time, our hours is very different. Anyway, when I got in the car.

Mr. Conservative: I have something for you.
Me: What?
Mr. Conservative: I know you have been working hard with school and work and trying to keep the house together and I wanted to get you something.
Me: Really.
Mr. Conservative: Yeah, I bought you the perfume you been eyeing.
Me: Thanks babe that is so sweet.

Let me tell you. I was so happy. This has nothing to do with marriage (you know how I feel about that word), but more about being appreciated in a relationship. The best gifts are given on a regular day or just because.

Turkey Day and am I a bad Mommy?

The kids are getting the freak out!! My husband family is having Turkey Day on the Marina. Well, it is cold in D.C. and I ain’t going, nor is my husband. Therefore, Grammy gets the kids and College boy is going with his dad and family, which means. A HOUSE OF NO KIDS. This plan almost was spoiled, when I got home yesterday and my daughter told me she had a project to do for her entrepreneurship class.

Anger Mgmt: Mommy you know what? I think I am going to have to stay home because I have to do a 25 page slide.
Me: Your grandmother has a computer
AM: Yes, but I won’t have time, daddy said he is not picking us up until Saturday.
Me: Well, that should still give you time. Plus we do not have enough food for you.
AM: Mommy, I saw the turkey and stuff. Why can’t I stay home, what are you all doing?
Me: I am spending time with your dad, so you all need to get out.
AM: Mommy, um, we did not ask to come here. Besides I will just hang out with y’all, I know y’all going shopping.
Me: Um, you are going to hang out with your grandma and the rest of your family even if I have to do your damn homework.
Me sounding like I am five: Babe tell your daughter she has to go with your mom and your family she can’t stay home.
Mr. Conservative: I already told her, I am dropping her ass off at my mom’s house, which is your family too.
Me: (mumbling) that’s not my family.
AM: (smiling) Daddy mommy said that’s not her family.

I will still cook because you have to have your own food and the kids have put in a request of the foods they want to have when they return home.

Who the hell are you part 300?

My memory is really terrible. I told you this before. My girlfriend is always trying to describe someone we went to school with and I never know. Therefore, in another episode of, I do not remember your name, but I remember your face.

Mr. Conservative and I were in line about to check out when this girl turns around.

Former friend: Hey girl.
Me: Hey!!! (I move the cart to give her a hug because we were cool)
Former friend: So, what have you been up to Urban.
Me: (damn she remembers my name) Nothing chilling
We talk about Turkey Day and all that good stuff and I remark how the handsome little boy looks just like her.
Me: Hey, is that your son?
FF: Yes
Me: He looks just like you around the eyes.
FF: Yes girl, the only one and he should be very lucky he is here. Because his ass almost did not make it!! (I show her a picture of College Boy because I had him when I was in school)
Me: You know you wrong, how you gonna say that in front of that boy. Baby make sure you put something big on your Christmas list.
FF: Girl you know how I felt about kids. He knows I love him (she gives him a kiss on the head).
She tells this woman that she is in line and the line starts behind her, but the woman is not moving fast enough and is talking to others about line placement.
Me: I see you have not changed. Well have a good Turkey Day and do not let me see you on the news about giving people beat downs.
FF: Oh no chile I am Saved (kick me in the throat), a Christian. But the Lord ain’t say let people but in front of you.
Me: Okay, well good luck with that.

Mr. Conservative – you know her
Me – yup
Mr. Conservative – from college
Me – nope high school, and for the life of me I cannot remember her name. I remember her and how she talked about never having any damn kids (she was in childcare at school too btw), and I know we hung out, but I cannot remember her name.

However, later on, I remembered her cousin name, but still not hers. Oh well, my mother said I should have asked. That’s okay, because the perfect part of all this is we did not pretend and exchange numbers as if we were going to call each other.


Amanda said...

Just so you know, you are having my dream Thanksgiving- no where to be no one to visit....that must be the life! I hope you enjoy yourselves.

RealHustla said...

I hate running into people like that. I can't even remember their faces sometimes. Just shows I was a little stuck up bitch in my own world I guess, LOL.

Pajnstl said...

happy thanksgiving!

lol I remember faces not names :)

Virtuous said...

Gurl He Do Lurves You!! What was the new scent?? You know I am all into what perfume folks are buying lately!

Your day is SET tomorrow!!! Enjoy! I just came back from the store, as I decided to hibernate all day tomorrow so figured I better cook! Haha!

I am bad like that too! I only remember faces! :o)

Happy Thanksgiving Gurl!!

Anna said...

ROFL, i thought i was the only one that was like that! ^_^ i remember faces, but names i'm terrible at.

i feel ya about being appreciated in a relationship. too many people forget that it's all about the little things when it comes to keeping each other happy.

i hope you have an excellent turkey day!

Adrienne said...

How sweet of your hubby! Have a happy thanksgiving!

cici said...

Good luck on getting the time alone. Happy Thanksgiving!