Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Conservative knows about College Boy

Yesterday Mr. Conservative picked me up from work and we went to get Mr. Stefon because he had tutoring – I told him about College Boy.

He was very disappointed. He thinks its a bad idea for him to work. How the hell can he work and go to school at the same time if he can’t handle a normal school schedule now.
He then starts to interrogate me, isn’t it too late for him to withdraw? What about…….when did you… come…….

I told him I thought he was depressed. He looked at me like I was crazy (told you). He said his ass is lazy and we are too easy on all of them, we do everything for them and we are hindering them, and, and, and……….. Me, well if you have all these questions, you need to direct them to him, because he can tell you better then I can (I told you he is a lecturer and my brain can’t take it, I will kirk out for no reason – good or bad.)

We take Mr. Stefon to get shoes because his shoes had holes in them. How the HELL do you go through shoes that dayhum quick!!! I mean his shoes seriously had holes in them and didn’t say nothing to no body, I saw it at the damn bus stop, I am like aren’t your feet cold he said no (liar). He said, well some kids said my shoes were talking. I said, I hate to tell you, but um, they are. We laughed and then he told me I was mean.

We get home and of course College Boy is in his room and not trying to come out worth a damn (he knew I told), I called him for dinner and he tried to act like his ass couldn’t hear, so Mr. Stefon went banging on his door to get him.

Afterwards, Mr. Conservative and I went to take a shower (no biggie, the kids can’t hear – right?). I am thinking we are bonding, like we normally do and then more questions – isn’t it too late to add/drop (he was on the phone with his father, he must have told his ass it was too late), so I had to explain the difference between add/drop and withdrawing – like we ain’t getting our money back because he didn’t add/drop. CAN YOU SAY KILL THE MOOD!!

He gets out the shower first, dries off and all, by the time, I make it out of the bathroom and into our room he is gone. I am thinking he must be downstairs watching t.v. or getting something. But then the family police (Mr. Stefon) comes upstairs. Mommy, do you know why daddy went downstairs? I don’t know, isn’t he watching t.v.? Nope, he went on the first floor to College Boy room. You are so nosy, why don’t you ask your dad when he comes up.

After a coupla hours he comes up and he told me their convo. They determined (Mr. Conservative did), that he does not need to work and College boy is going to wholeheartedly give it another shot because he said he really didn’t try. He also said he just wanted to work so he could have his own money. Understandable, except for the fact we give his ass money, he is allowed to work in the summer. AND Mr. Conservative, kinda agreed with me that he may be depressed, I guess from their conversation.

I am glad they talked. When I went back to school, Mr. Conservative was always at the kids school, it was so bad that I said something to Mr.Stefon at College boy graduation and Mr. Stefon preK teacher said, excuse me are you related to him. I said, um, yes I am his mother, she said – oh I never met you (bullshit), I said yes you have I met you on the first day (shut up, it was still a meeting).

Anywho, at College Boy graduation he got top honors for school and one part of the ceremony they had the kids give a rose to the person who helped them the most during the school year. My family and Mr. Conservative (not his dad) family, (His dad was there, but he knew he had nothing coming) thought the rose was coming my way but I knew better. He gave the rose to Mr. Conservative. Very beautiful, but I was still hella jealous.


Pajnstl said...

lawd at least there was resolution.

KnitFloozy said...

it's been resolved - the boy is gonna try for real! YAY! and stop being jealous - mr. conservative don't own the stretchmarks with College Boys name on them LOL

RealHustla said...

Everything is everything then, huh? Next chapter?

Christie said...

I'm glad to hear that it's come to a resolution! It's good the CB is giving school another shot...maybe next semester he can take one fun class that will make him want to go to school and also help him to expand his horizons a bit.

Anonymous said...

Glad that worked out!

I forgot to mention the other day...have you thought about letting him have a semester off or a light one? Only you know if this is a good idea. When I was in school, I asked my parents for one semester off -- they knew I loved school & wanted to go but I was stressed. They didn't let me take any time off & I ended up flunking out on purpose. NOT saying CB would, but if he's depressed, maybe he needs to get his head straight first. ??? Just a suggestion.