Monday, November 24, 2008

Team Work

Team work is a bunch of bullshit.

I swear I always get the fuck ups. You would think being in graduate school it would be different. No Sir!! Bullshitters are equal opportunity assholes and losers.

I have a question.... Why do I always get the fuck ups? I mean really, I got them at work, in elementary, secondary, high school, undergrad and now graduate school. I mean did I do something in my past life....

See I was going to talk about these fools before, but decided to leave their ass alone, but nope not gonna do it!!

Last week in class, we talked about our last project that is due today. We finished the paper, had to redo one part of the paper because one of the team members haven't learned that coping and pasting someone else words is PLAGIARISM. Once we changed that we were straight. I did the last PowerPoint presentation, so the other team member who did not present, said she will do the PowerPoint and did I want to present. I said, shit I did my part for the whole semester, but being the team player that I am I said, straight. I will do it.

How come I get to work and my team leader shoots me an email asking me to do the power point presentation. Um, what? The shit did not get done. Um, okay, I will do it, but we will be talking about this shit. I said, so whose presenting? She said, me and you.

What's really hood people?! By the way, the presentation is tonight in about 4 freaking hours. This is some serious BULLSHIGGITY!!

OH HELL NAW!!! Dayhum, why can't I settle for a C like most folks? You know I hear being on the C side is kinda fun, living dangerously. Now, once I let that marinate on the brain and let it to slowly sink in, I remember something. I can't get a damn C in my program, nothing lower than a B.


I swear I am destined to collect losers. If there is a swap, I probably get the loser. If it is gift exchange in school, they forgot, or didn't show up that day (lil biatches).

I have a meeting with my professor during our break. How bout I ask him if the team members get to rate the people on their team....... How bout I made an announcement last week, that I already know who I don't want on my team for the next 1.5 years. Damn that we all putting in work, ya feel me..


Pajnstl said...

i feel you on that team work shit. I wish they didn't require it for school.

knittycent said...

i use to inwardly cringe whenever i heard the 'group project' word mentioned in my class for grad and undergrad. dumbest idea ever. one day it'll come to an end...well, you'll - hopefully - have to do it less often once your done with school. (hugs)