Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do you have a contract with your kid/s????

Contract much??? HELL TO THE NAW

First of all, not much knit news, so you might want to read this paragraph and than keep it moving if you just came for the knitting (can't be possible, I am slow as heck - still love ya, please stay). I am still working on the husband never ending scarf, hopefully I will finish today.

Real news - contracts.
This weekend the MIL came over for her son bday (he is so spoiled). Anyway, she asked us how was our daughter doing mouth wise since she is a teenager - you know how teenagers can be. We said, she is doing fine, we don't have problems like that. Don't get me wrong, she is your semi-typical teenager, but she knows her parents are not having it. We just aren't I believe in discipline - PERIOD.

Anyway, so MIL said, that is good, I figured, but I was wondering if you had a contract. We were like a what? a contract (we said it at the same time)? She said, yeah a contract, I said I have never heard of a contract, what the heck is it. She said, well you know Brandy (his 1st cousin, actually the chic who hooked us up 15 and counting years ago.. anyway, let's keep it moving.. dang, I say that too much), is having a problem with Brittany (same age as my daughter). She said Brit's mouth is off the hook (um, saw this coming that is why I make excuses so she can't come over my house - no dear heart, I will be slitting my wrists this weekend, or playing with traffic, hit me up next weekend).

So, a contract was made between this child and her parents. I said please tell me what's in the contract? Is the child giving permission to get flucked up if they sass me? And I don't have to feed them? If the police is called, what will they say - oh, you signed the contract little girl your mom can whip your ass? Someone please tell these folks that a contract with a minor is not legally binding!!! When did we start making contracts with our kids?


I told his mother that we already have a contract with our kids. We work our ass off everyday so that they can eat, have a roof over their heads and some other good stuff. Their part of the contract states that they will be well behaved in and out of our presence, clean up and go to college. Now, if they get out of pocket and act up, we will handle our business, does not mean a spanking, not that I am against them, but my kids really don't act up that badly to receive them (but that little one, I'm just saying, I can see him trying us and messing up the damn program - I will do a post on him alone).

However, if my kids believe that they cant handle our rules and I did hit one of them upside the head (not abuse) and they decide to call the POPO, it is on like butter POPpopcorn, I will give them a reason to really dial them digits and they got to go. I do too much for you to be calling someone on me. I can't tell you how many parents I know use the POPO as a excuse for not disciplining their kids - you can't spank these kids now a days, they will call the police on you. WHATEVER, damn do something. I know parents who are getting cussed out by their kids and some more - again another post.

Little story before I go.

The last asswhipping I received (I wasn't a bad kid - just sneaky as my mother always said and, if you told me I was going to get a spanking I damn near had a heart attack), I really got a good one, a double one. Here's why.

After getting my asswhiped, I went in my room and took out one of the childabuse brochures and put it on the bed beside me (just so happen we had a thing at school about it, you should know by now that I am a smartass, just a tad and a little sarcastic). Well, my mother had to walk past my room to get to the bathroom. She walked back to her room and low and behold, Ma Dukes came in their and wore my ass out again and told me - NOW YOU GOT SOMETHING TO CALL THEM FOR!!!

A sistah ain't pick up that phone and that is why I am hear today to tell this story. Again, I am not advocating spanking, or abusing your kids. I'm just saying Man the FLUCK up and handle your business with these bad ass kids and discipline them.

Phew, I know I said that was it - but heres the kicker, about two months ago this child was on the phone with this boy at 1 in the morning and her mom was like - she said they were studying?????? AND her mother is always talking about everybody hates her because she has everything - And you wonder why you and her father are makin bogus ass contracts.

Contract much??? So, have you made your contract with your kids?


Christie said...

I don't have kids, but I'm totally with you. And using the police as a deterrent doesn't work. If a child is afraid of the police, who will they go to when they really need help? Kids need discipline and guidelines. If they know the consequences of their actions, and know that mom and dad will come through, they'll stay in line. Nothing worse than empty threats. Parents need to be parents, not friends.

Only know at 30+ and I friends with my parents...but first and foremost, they are still my parents.

del said...

LOL, contract?? WTH?? You know, I don't spank much either but that's because I don't have to. I've jacked up enough kids around here to let them know how to act.

Virtuous said...

That is some straight foolishness!! @ contract! HA! Get.real!

I am totally with you Gurl!

ROTFL! @ your childhood story

Sheila said...

Man-o-man that's some crazy shyt I've ever heard. I have 2 kids 19 yo (daughter and stepson) and I'd be dayum if I would waste my precious energy to conjure up something like that. Yeah we got a contract alright... but only I know about it.. its call the I'll Will Lay You Out If You Defy me.. .. yes even at 19 years of age... but thank goodness I haven't had to go there... The kids are really mild mannered and they think I'm a

KnitFloozy said...

contrackt my tail!!!! here is the contract - i am the adult you do what I say. if not...there are consequences for your inability to obey the rules...

cici said...

I know exactly what you are saying... I think the world would be a better place if more got their butts spanked every now and again for getting out of line.It's not really so much about spankings as it is about dicipline and letting kids have their way all the time. I don't know what has happened to this newer generation, it seems that we have so many thinking they can have any and everything they want with no regard to anyone else. Mind you, I don't think beatings are the answer for every problem but should be done when appropriate. I think it's good for kids to know WHO is in charge. I can say after the fact I am thankful for the whoopings I got(well most of them anyway)when I was a kid. okay enough said,, thanks for sharing that with us.

Amanda said...

Contract?! Um, no. I think only spineless parents need contracts...
Such a funny post, by the way!