Thursday, October 25, 2007

In the case of beat that ass

Or what will happen if you don't.

What will this post be about? You guessed it - a crazy ass parent being run over by their child/children. I don't know where to begin because she is really a good friend of mine and a nice person, but she don't read my blog, soooooo..... that means I can put her ish on blast.

So, she calls me this morning and is damn near in tears? She says I just don't know what to do anymore. What happened? The boys were fighting in the car while I was driving and I had to pull over and put the oldest out the damn car. What?

The youngest (16) asked the oldest for his keys 3 times nicely. The oldest (17) didn't respond. Finally, the youngest said give me my fucking keys and he turned and said no bitch, don't you see I am eating. He than says you are going to give me my fucking keys and he says, here take your fucking keys and threw them. The youngest threw his backpack at him and it was on. So the youngest ends up with a bloody nose and she kicked the oldest out the car. They must have been up the street from the house because she dropped the youngest at school. And then went back home to check on the oldest because he didn't have keys to get in the house. SHE FELT GUILTY BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING AND HE SHOULDN'T STAY OUTSIDE (shouldn't he be going to school too).

I asked her, was she drinking this morning? She said, what? I said continue the story. So, she get home he is not outside BUT inside the house. She asked him how did he get in? He said the window was opened. She said the window was opened - he said, that's what i said (ya'll how come he can still talk, he would have been missing teeth with all the cussing, right 'chere he would of caught some blows to the chin and that would be the least of it).

I said, he said what!!! I said, I hoped you fucked him up, she said I just told him don't touch the car and he said well how am I going to get to work. I said did you specifically tell him that he can NOT drive and HE will not be driving under any circumstances she says - he knows. (I told her not to let him get his learners/license/car)

I said dear heart he doesn't know, didn't you tell him not to get a tattoo and both of their asses got one, saying they thought you were okay with it!!!!!!!! Yes, you read it. Let me give you the low down on that one. So, in the summer she said how the oldest wanted a tattoo and that she told him that she was not signing a consent form (she & I thought if you were under 18 you needed a consent form). His dad said he thought it was okay (he is not in the house and he also thinks it is okay to smoke weed as long as it is in a group - tell you that one another time). Well they go and get tattoos at the time 15 and 16 and she is livid, but they were like. We told you we were going to do it and you said whatever, so we got it. I said, well did you tell them that, did they tell you. She said, yeah, because I thought they couldn't get it - uuuuuggggghhhhh!!!

Okay, so after that incident the oldest was allowed to get his license and she bought him a car. I just don't get it!!! He has serious problems!!! But when he is around me, my husband other people he can be the sweetest child.

Solution: What difference do it makes if you are not going to put your foot down (or up his ass)!!! I would have caved his damn chest in. How dare you use such language around me, I am 33 yrs old, and I have never, EVA used language like that around my mother. She would give me the back hand and you know the older generation know how to work that back hand like a weapon, won't even see it coming. She is talking about putting him out, but when he go over his dad's house she goes back and forth picking him up and allowing them to do whatever. Besides the fighting, I can't get over the blatant disrespect in front of me and guess what??? She never bought up the language, I HAD TOO!!! WTF!?!?!

So, the question is what would you do? We already KNOW what Jesus is going to do!!!!

Oh and for now on I will be comment jacking Patrice style. So if you want a response you will be able to check back, I tried replying to emails, but some are blocked.


PAJNSTL said...

ooh girl if i would DISABLED if i talked like that in frt of my momma... a license and car wouldn't EVEN be on the agenda... more like physical therapy!!
smh... shame

btw... i've been meaning to get ur email!

Anonymous said...

First off, no one would even THINK about using that language around me. My kids, I mean. I don't care if they're 50 & I'm 75. Why did she buy him a car????? Sad thing is, she is so not alone in being run over my her child. I know plenty.

Nelly Knits said...

hechs naw....i so would have caught a beat down even if I thought about being that disrespectful. I rolled my eyes once and I thought I was surely gonna loose my life. and she bought him a car WTF???!!!!!! they are gonna continue to do whatever she allows them to do...and really it's a sad situation for them both because they are gonna grow up to think that behavior is acceptable..and the cycle will continue if/when they have kids.

Carmell said...

are they white? for real. i have seen white kids talk to they mama like that. i to this day will not curse in front of my mama in fear of the back slap into next week. and i'll be 31 next month. WOW. she might as well let them go cause it is to little to late to try and raise them right now. i think i would put the oldest one out. but she probably won't. they know they can do it and she will continue to let them.

urbanknitrix said...

Nope they are not white and I hate to tell you, but alot of black families are getting run over by their kids too.

Too many parents want to be their children friend. And kids today don't have to work for nothing!!

I know so many kids who have EVERYTHING and I wont like, mines have more than I did, but they had to EARN it.

Sheila said...

You know what I am down right speechless!!! Matter of fact your friend has lost her dayumm mind.