Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Foolishness

How was the weekend you ask? (it's now the middle of the week - no one is asking anymore)

Well it was okay. It started out with me and husband trying to get the Worst Parents of the Year Award. Before we left to go out we were trying to determine what to give the kids to eat. I thought we were going to go to Costco and shop and get a pizza (their pizza is delicious). But the hubby was like no, we can give them some Oodles and Noodles, I said that is messed up!! How are we going to go out and give them some noodles, oh wait, hell they can make sandwiches. And we bounced!!

So, we love this Mexican resteraunt but we didn't feel like going all the way out there so we decided to go to this Bison place Ted's Montana Grill. The place was really nice, atmosphere was gorgeous for a chain. What did we order - I had the bowl of New England Clam Chowder and Crab cakes, asparagus and a avocado relish. He had the Chili and Prime Rib. Now remember we went there for the Bison (or at least he did). And they had CUCUMBER salad instead of the free bread that most places shove down your throat.

Well people I am a very picky person and ask me if I liked the place. Okay, well thanks for asking. I give this place an A for atmosphere and a Nope for the salty ass food. I will give it one more try - Only because I should have known better - you don't go to a bison resteraunt ordering seafood, I should have order what they specialize in. What I did enjoy besides the atmosphere - the margarita on the rocks with Patron.

Oh an Maryland is the land of the crab cakes - why was Cumin in mine (wtf), at least that is what it taste like. It was not good, the aparagus was so delicious, and I LOVE avocados so the relish was good. Cumin crab crakes and rubbery clams was not a good look. Husband loved all his food.

We leave the place and "try" to go to the movies to see Tyler's new movie and we think we should be okay because we are in VA and it's not the opening weekend. The tickets are $20.00 and we are full and figure we will top it off with ColdStone after. WELL, well, let me tell you.
We get in and sit down and people are acting up. Someone thinks they're a comedian and their old ass is not funny and then this old lady comes in and start yelling CURTIS, CURTIS where are you, STAND UP, I CAN'T SEE YOU. We look at each other and are like are they serious!!! Still, we don't want to leave, but a baby is starting to cry and Ma and em are ignoring the chile. I looked at him he looked at me and was like let's bounce!!! Stand in the guest line and get our damn tickets.

Because it was early we were able to stop on the way more at Burger King to get the BeyBey kids some food. Karma is a motherflucker (or three kids that didn't go out to eat with us).

Saturday - me and husband hung out - got our shop on (but this is normal, so it doesn't count as a date)

Sunday - I went to the Redskins Game. Hail to the Redskins!!

I was shopping with the husband and she called and was like - let's go look at some Men's ass and I said okay, I am down. For free - why not!! And my MIL lives right by the stadium, so we parked at her house and walked right in.

This should have been posted already but I was waiting to get the pictures off of my phone, however Karma is still playing tricks on me - having issues with tmobile - so maybe later.


Virtuous said...

I hate that happened on Friday with dinner and the movie.

But you gotta go and see it during maintee! It is GAWD!

Hope this weekend is better for you! :oD

Anonymous said...

LOL! Curtis??? Who is Curtis & did he ever answer? That's why I can't go to movies anymore.

At least you all had dinner together, which is more than I can say!

PAJNSTL said...

That's why you have to go during the Matinee... for some reason the ghetto folks stay away!!