Friday, October 26, 2007

Just a couple of questions????

Hey folks,

Since I served up that long angry post yesterday, I figured I'd keep it light for the weekend. So, I have a couple questions for ya???

1. Why do men over the age of 5, well 40 still get their hair braided? Especially when they are rocking the moon in the middle? or a snatch back? (I swear for goodness, I have seen both version and they THOUGHT they looked good)

2. Why do some women get weaves without a perm? The hair is suppose to look blended in like it is yours, right? Right? Or it is suppose to look nappy, like taco meat in the front, and silky smooth all over? I'm just asking.

3. Why do women still put their hair in two ponytails? I mean grown ass women with a part down the middle, hair dangling? Um 40 and over? (saw this on the bus today and she looked every bit of 55)

4. Why do women try to put their hair in a ponytail and they don't have any hair to really get in there?? They use all types of grease and all that and at the end a little tiny piece may have made it through? A wishtail!!!

5. Why are crackheads always dancing or moving? Do you remember Gator? He was a dancing fool or what about Halle Berry (she plays the hell out of a crackhead - remember her as Gator's gf and in Saving Issiah). Do they hear special music? WTF!

6. Ms. Jay Alexander? Why? Why is Miss Jay allowed in the fashion industry? Okay, so he can teach models how to walk? But what about styling? I hear him cut people up on the red carpet and I am like WHAT??? Have you looked in the mirror - come on stop playing!!! Again, please explain I'm perplexed to say the least. Oh and why you are at it explain Wendy Williams too!! HAM!!

I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend after they help me out with these questions????

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