Friday, October 12, 2007

Husband Never Ending Scarf


Coach coupon/Husband scarf, I won't bore you too much It's Fridddddaaaayyyy!!!

A little background, remember the Coach coupon - well here is the bag. I love this bag. I love it because it is big and I think classy - you can dress it up or down. The inside of the bag have all the C's and I think that is a cute touch and sterling feet (I forgot to take pics and the buckle is cute too). Okay, enough bag love, but she is the reason I got the coupon and traded the coupon to get the Noro Kureyon.

Fuggly pictures - as you can see I only have brownies left after buying the bag.

Here is the scarf. Remember how I said I could not STAND how rough it was, well after handling it for awhile and after washing the scarf it soften up.

And here I am trying to style in my downstairs bathroom (my daughter walked by rolling her eyes - she told me I was pressed - I should have said do you remember our contract, and popped her, but than that would be abuse - DAMN!!)

Husband Never Ending Scarf - 4 balls of Noro Kureyon #164 , needle 4.5

So, I cast on 96 stitches, slipped the first stitch of every row and knit this baby up EVERY row so it was boring, but easy as hell and the Noro did the work with the colors. The slipped stitch gave it a nice finished touched

I had to stretch it out to get to 9 inches wide and 52 inches long. I wish I had another ball but hey, I got it for free. Results - the husband loved it, I was worried about the colors and he loves it - now my daughter wants one.

So, as you know, I have to give some shout outs: I want to thank my mama and 'em. Placenta and the twins and AntMan. Hey, I knits a pretty damn good scarf for FREE!!! Priceless.


Have a great weekend!!


Virtuous said...

LOL! @ contract/pop her

All those folks in your house you could've made one of them take your pics! HAHA!
Look and now she wants a scarf now too!

I drop the Kureyon so fast b/c it was so rough...but I LOVE NORO you are right it does all of the work!

Like the last chic pic!

Now you know Al doesn't want to run! He said he wouldn't :op

Have a great weekend!

PAJNSTL said...

I like the way the colors worked out! LOL @ you stealing hubby's scarf though!

Anonymous said...

Nice scarf! Yes, that Noro works wonders. And I'm glad it softened up for you.

KnitFloozy said...

beautiful scarf and yes you are supposed to wear those heels and those jeans to a home depot class. you get more attention er uh help from the instructor!!!