Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Seven Random Facts

7 Random Facts! Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

I have been tagged by Patrice

So, let’s see what I will share
  1. I am a lefty that uses my right hand for everything (no cop out fuggly scissors for me).
  2. I think someone is spying on me when I go to public bathrooms. Therefore, I make faces and wave at the vents just in case cameras are there and I want them to know I am aware.
  3. I read the Washington Post everyday. If someone reads it before I touch it, I cannot read it. I HAVE to read it first, unfold it, and touch it. I do not want an ugly, creaseless paper, all wrinkled up. Once at my old job, one of my coworkers asked to read my paper, just the sports section real quick. This guy Olu, said shit, Urban is not gonna let you read her paper until she touches every section, unfold it and then she will give it to you. He ain’t never lied.
  4. My mom is my bestest (I know it is not a word, remember when people use to say that) friend in the whole world (she is about to lose that status if she keeps acting up – she will be here in two weeks, cannot wait). Anyway, I am happy that she disciplined me. She has made me into the Woman, wife, mother, friend, crazy person I am today and I still call her mommy.
  5. I do not believe in marriage. Funny, I should say that since I am married. Well, just remember, me and Mr. Urban has been together for almost 16 years, but we have only been married since March (got married because of the govment, I have property now). Two weeks after meeting him, he told me I was going to be his wife and have his babies, and I thought this fool was crazy. Especially since, he was not my type. I figured we could be friends, but no haps on the relationship aspect. Well, well!! I do not believe you have to be married to have a great relationship or being married JUST, for the kids….um how many kids are screwed up behind this one. I am not saying go out and get married or do not get married – do you, I did me. I can honestly say we are in LOVE, actually probably more today than 16 years ago, I was a baby, what did I know about that word. Let me just tell ya, my baby still says I am sexy (just told me this weekend), he calls me everyday at work and text me, and we are still knocking boots on a regular and enjoying each other company and that is not just blog talk. (Although, I still am holding on, I still have not changed my last name yet officially and he is pissed, but hey).
  6. I believe in God, but I do not believe in organized religion and I do not attend church any more. Today’s church is not what it use to be. I was the 5 day church girl, in the church choir (can’t sing a lick), vacation bible school, banquets, all that! Do you all remember the Spring Concerts with the ugly dresses, your Aunt, or Granny made (can you say set up or HAM)? So, why am I, so turned off, you ask? I got tired of the fakery. I have so many reverends in my family that you would think that could not be possible. People claiming they are Christians, or acting holier than thou who are really snakes in the grass and use Christianity to get what they want or promote businesses, or their behavior (you all do remember slavery). I have a very low tolerance for this, hell our President was re-elected because of religion. My sister is the worst case, she has to tell me every second that she is saved and I am like um, you don’t have to tell me your saved, your action will tell me (TRUST, her actions says loud and clear that she is NOT, but who am I to judge.). Of course, it pisses her off, which means, I succeeded. (Cript walking)
  7. Okay, last, quick, weird, random fact. I use to make mashed potato or spaghetti sandwiches. Do not know why, I just did, I guess I figured since it is on the plate, and they will end up in the same place. Why not just eat it together instead of separate (even though Ma Dukes had a No Sandwich Making Rule at the table - Meany). I also, still eat bologna sandwiches with plain potato chips on it – THE BEST!!!

This was fun and let me see, whom I would like to learn more about. I tag these seven Knitrix:

Lisa , Amanda , Cici , Knitfloozy , Yarnfettish , Bev Lov , and last but not least Sheila


NikkiJ said...

Very interesting. However, I believe it was supposed to be SEVEN random things. If I gotta do it, I want all seven out of you.

urbanknitrix said...

Ha!! Your too fast, I had seven, but the first too jumbled up and I didn't catch it before posting. It's fixed now!!!

Sheila said...

You're hilarious... you're not alone my daughter makes spagetti sandwiches.. If she knows that spagetti is for dinner - she'll say Ma make sure there's bread in the house...lol. Oh another funny thing she eats her string beans with vinegar...ughh!

PAJNSTL said...

you had good facts!!! 16yrs whoo lawd!Hoping I can see 16+ and still be happy too!
ROFL @ you and the newspaper.. I don't want anyone to read my magazines before me. i understand!

Virtuous said...

I knew some of the random facts about you! Love seeing more! :o)

Amanda said...

We have so much in common!

Lisa said...

Very interesting facts! It's great that you and hubby can have such a great relationship after 16 years!

urbanknitrix said...

Sheila - they are so good, I haven't done it recently, but maybe, I should give it a shot again.

Patrice, & Lisa - relationship, COMMUNICATION!!! oh and a little bit of act right!!!!