Monday, October 15, 2007

My weekend went a liitle something like this.

Switch summer clothes out of EVERYONES closet to fall/winter clothes and put unwanted/donated clothes in the closets on the 1st floor. So, I got my exercise running/walking to the first floor ALL the way up to the 3rd floor.

Me and the hubby went to Home Depot and took a tiling class. I had to tell Mr. Cool to stop jumping in front of the ladies and let them do it too. Every time Mr. Home Depot said who wants to try, I swear he look like he was going to take one of the ladies out - elbow to the tatas or something. I asked him about it later and he said, well no one act like they wanted to do it or get dirty (I believe he was referring to me, when we left the house he said, why do you have on those pants and are you wearing heels - YUP). The class was really good and we learned a lot - so foyer, kitchen & bathrooms here we come!!! We also picked another paint color - we will see.

Sunday, we watched football and hubby cooked a potroast - it was his first and it was pretty good. I don't know if i am saying that because I didn't have to cook or what.

I also started on my resume AGAIN!!! People redoing/adding to your resume is hard work. Ugh, well wish me luck I am still working on it.

Knit news: I have decided that I will work on Starsky on the bus to/fro work. I am finished one sleeve and am making progress on the second. I don't believe I will be wearing this sweater, I believe I will be gifting this to my mother (who will be here in Nov- yeah!) or a girlfriend. Ene is starting to look lovely, I started her over because I thought I made a mistake, well I am now on row 9 and love the way she looks on the Knitpick Options. I will try and take a picture but you know she won't look pretty since the lace will look all squished up.

AL GORE FOR PRESIDENT!!!! So.....what did you do??


Christie said...

Wow, that's a lot of work. Better than a stairmaster!

I did a little more organizing, got rid of a S-load of clothes and found a few replacements...Old Navy is having a crazy sale!

Virtuous said...

Gurl you were busy busy!

And tell me about it @ took me like 6-9 months just to update mine! Procrastination is something else! HAHA!

Wish me well too! I have a job interview on the 22nd. :o) YAH!

Yeah lace does just end up looking like one big blob until you block it!

Anonymous said...

LOL, your DH sounds like mine when it comes to Home Depot (his second home). I would never take a class with him...that would just be suicide.

You know, I hope Al Gore doesn't run again...he's over here winning Oscars & Nobel Prizes, which I don't think he could have done had he been saddled with the white house. I think he's doing so many good things without being president.