Friday, July 11, 2008

And some more answers

Patrice asked:

With you still having kids in the house... How often do you and the hubby have ummm "quality time"?

Quality time is EVERY day. Seriously, you know I am in my 30’s and the elders did not lie at all, you reach your peak. Oh lawd, surely do and a yes ma’am!! I do give him a break when Paula Michelle Smith visits and after that it is on like butter popcorn (I am so old).

Do you enjoy food play w/ your quality time?

No food play, but, um. Play in ALL other areas, ya feel me. (I think I might get another question out of that one)

Have you ever been walked in own by any of the kids when you and hubby were "talking"? lol

Nope, we have never been caught. Thank God! I think I would die. We lock the door and I hate doing anything while they are woke, but we will. I am scared now, because being in the house, our bedroom is right over top of the living room and college boy room is on the first floor, so I never know when he comes upstairs to the second floor to eat or get on the computer. So, I am always that chick saying, wait, stop, do you hear something and of course he always says no. The next morning, I try and be slick and be like did you go in the kitchen last night I thought I heard something downstairs…. They only see us kiss or hug and they are like, ugh, especially Anger Mgmt and I tell her all the time, make sure you get someone who will treat you like your dad, same for the boys.

I do have two funny stories about my girlfriends ALWAY’S getting caught. One of them got caught by her boys, and they were like you are not married to daddy and you are not suppose to do the Grown up unless your married. Another friend, the son was watching and she did not know how long he was there. She figured she got him before he saw anything. Until he went over his grandma house (why do they do that), and told her parents, I watched mommy and daddy last night doing something. She said, boy we were wrestling and he said, “you were not wrestling because your legs was in the air like this, and daddy was laying there and you were making noise and stuff.” Same, little boy walked in while they were watching a movie, too funny. Why not lock your door, they are never sleep when you think they are. She just died and I died laughing.

Koolbreeze asked:

how do you manage your home/kids/hubby while working?

I manage everything by spending quality time with everyone. I think it helps that my kids are spaced out 9 (soon to be 10), 14, and 18 (soon to be 19), which means they help. They have chores, and are responsible for their own rooms, dishes and their bathrooms. I am not cleaning a kid bathroom. It is funny to hear Anger Mgmt and Mr. Stefon argue over whose cleaning what in their bathroom and her coming to me, telling us we need to teach that boy how to aim correctly. Pure Comedy. College boy always says he’s happy that he has his own, because he thinks their bathroom is terrible, his favorite line – Mommy, did you see their bathroom? I am also grateful that I have a husband that helps clean and cook. He does laundry too. I have to say, that I did not find him this way, he was an only child for 26 years (mom and stepdad surprisingly had a child after trying for many years), so he was spoiled. However, with me going back to school and working full-time, he had to do a lot of cooking and cleaning. The kids would be like mom, dad can’t cook (once made spaghetti with a secret sauce, that sauce was bbq mixed with prego) and I would be like damn, taste good to me, to encourage him and now his chicken breast is way better than mine (still don’t know how he get it so juicy and tender). Hubby and I spend a lot of time together, he has friends, but he rather, be home. See me I love to be around people out and about, not him. We are truly best friends, we hang out a lot. We have grown together over the years. There were a lot of things he did not do at first, that he does now. Politics for one. I remember when I would get frustrated trying to get him to understand that the Presidential election is not the most important, that, a.b.c., and now boyfriend can hold his own in a convo with me. LOVES it. He now screws me mentally and physically. Ha!

my toes stay painted forever too. don't ever chip... whats up with that?

The toe paint chipping, I have no clue. Because I would think that it would chip more on the feet because I take plenty showers, they are in and out of shoes, mouth (not mine). But, the nails will chip right away.

This is fun, any more questions……


Amanda said...

Girl you have me giggling!

You have to be a taurus, we have way too much in common (and that is all I am saying about that)!

Me and hubby have been walked in on by son while on vacation with the inlaws. Boy goes into the kitchen and announces to my father in law "Mama and Daddy are in there wrestling and they won't even let me play too!"
I wanted to die!

Be glad you have never been caught...

Pajnstl said...

This IS fun!! LOL
YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! I guess i should look forward to my 30's or maybe not... Ian might have me on restrictions. lol
Im learning a lot over here :p

So please elaborate on the food/play?

One more question... since you've never been caught... Have you or hubby ever been injured during the act?

I had a friend broke her ankle once!

Oh! one more... never mind you answered it already...

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Paula Michelle Smith

And your toe nails do not chip as much as your fingernails, b/c you are always grabbing, typing, and things with your fingernails that chip them than your toe nails.

I did ask you one mroe question in your post on yesterday!

Kamika said...

You and fast tail PAJ crack me up! Ya'll ain't nuthin but hot mammas!

It's so nice to hear a women speak so lovingly about her man.