Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This weekend Mr. Stefon picked up his knitting needles again and has been working on his knit stitches. He will be making a scarf soon. I went up stairs and I heard the funniest thing. I was upstairs in my room and I heard him screaming - George Washington Carver knit!! I can knit too!! I thought I would die laughing. The next day, while we was walking to camp I asked him what was that all about and he said that his brother and sister was messing with him. I said well make sure you tell them, that men use to be the primary knitters and that Rus.sell Cr.owe and An.thony Ande.rson knit.

Well, well. Guess who asked me for some yarn and some knitting needles. Yup, Anger Management. NOW, she wants to make something for Hope (my brothers new baby). She has not picked up her needles in a minute, so we will see.

I am at home, looking at all these judge shows and people are crazy. One girl was suing another young lady for hitting her car. And the girl who hit the car did not see why she had to pay because the girl was illegally parked. But, hold up, why she didn't have a license and you talking about you shouldn't have to pay her because SHE broke the law by being parked illegally. Something is wrong in the water. Any who, I can't wait for Maury, so I can see some dumb ass woman who says she is 110% sure that he is the father, run off the stage crying, because he is not. And my favorite is Jud.ge Hat.chett, when she says, "YOU KNOW THIS IS NOT THIS CHILD FATHER". I sound just like her, Luvs it.

Can you telll I am enjoying my day. Oh and the husband is taking me out when he gets off in 2 hours before we get Mr.Stefon and the kids.

One last thing. I fell off the damn wagon before the kids even got here. I went to a surprise Happy Hour for my coworker at Cafe Asia. We had a ball and I had some Thai beer, I could not resist. My husband and I LOVE, LOVE this beer. So, I convinced myself that I was drinking because of the party and then because it taste good with Sushi. Well, I am back in the game.


Sheila said...

LoL @ copycats.. that is so cool that your kids are interested in knitting. Ok... I luv me some Judge shows... when I call in a mental health day... nothin' and I mean nothin' gets done b/c I'm curled up in my bed watchin' them shows....lol

Cas... said...

Funny about the George Washington Carver knits comment! I didn't know that nor did I know about Russell Crowe and Anthony Andersen. Good things to know! Now if I could only get my butt into gear it will all be good! LOL!

Take it easy on the beer dear! Jump back on the wagon! Let's work on a one week pin first! LMAO!

Pajnstl said...

CTFU @ mr.stephon! he's a character *i like him* lol

At least you were in a social setting @ your drinking :p

cici said...

Yay for a good day! So cool they want to knit.. now you have to share your stash with them. I have to hide my good stash from my daughter. :D

Anonymous said...

Anthony Anderson knits?? I would love to see a pic of that!

Hope you & DH had a fun evening without the kids, lucky!

Andrea said...

I can't wait to teach my 3 y/o how to knit. And as far as judges - Judge Joe Brown is my favorite!! I watched him religiously when I was home on maternity.