Monday, July 28, 2008

Auntie Urban

Well, well. I am about to be the bomb Aunt - although Anger Mgmt told me that she will think of some stuff to do with her cousins as well because, "don't nobody want to go the museum". Whatever!

I will be getting my oldest nieces/nephews - my babies and I can't wait. Mr. Urb and I will trek down to Dale City, VA to get the boys from their dads house and my nieces from my mom in D.C. (ugh- still not talking to her). My nieces and nephews are my children, especially the first three. I guess it is time to tell the sister story. I have one sister, and one brother, (I am the middle child - can't you tell).

My asshole of a sister, lets call her Master Manipulator, has always been in trouble. Her nickname coming up was Nuisance. I did not know what this name meant, but I figured it meant bad, mischievous, something. As an adult, I now know they should never had named her that, she had to live up to the name and TRUST, she did. Whenever we moved to a new neighborhood, I had to explain to peeps, yes, that is my sister and no, she is not the oldest.
She was such an excellent liar. Grown ass people would believe whatever she said. I just never understood. For instance, she would run away from home and she would be over people house and when we would meet the parents, they would be like, she said you (my mother) had a heart attack!! And these were upstanding adults, and I just could not understand why you would not try and call the house or something. She can stand in your face and tell a bald face (my mother term) lie and you would start to rethink the color of the sky yourself. Besides the bad shit she use to do, like climb out our window, pierce her ear, invite boys over, oh and the time she got a cordless phone, when our parents got a phone lock (man she was wild). Oh, one more story, my sister use to leave the house all the time, run away. So, our house had the wind up windows, well, my mother winded up all the windows and took the cranks so her ass could not get out. Homegirl, got her a wrench or something because she got out. Too many stories to tell. But she was fun too. Man she would have you dying laughing, but she didn't play. If you get into a fight, you want her on your side.

Okay, well my sister has in total 6 kids and she is married to the last two children father. Her children are 13,12,10,6,2,1 and she is NOW raising all of them. She has had her kids for the past 2 years. My parents basically raised the first three. When my stepdad died my mom moved to Georgia, and soon after the first two kids came to live with her and then my pregnant sister moved down and when she had him, he ended up living with my mom and she rolled out.

My mother has been their only constant along with my brother (another story) and I. Since Master Manipulator was more bent on running the streets my mother raised them, however she could not take care of the kids financially, which meant we had to chip in. Now don't get me wrong, I did not mind helping, because we are family. But I have been disgusted with her actions for a very long time. She does not take ownership for anything.

My sister is not on drugs or an alcoholic. She is/was just an asshole. This is just my opinion and my feelings. I do not want her to be on drugs, but I guess I could kind of understand her actions if she was. My mother and sister both lived in Georgia and one time my mother had to go to work and needed a babysitter for HER kids and she said no she was not watching them. Can you believe that shit! Oh, I was hot. On another occasion, my daughter was down there (my kids use to visit every summer) and she has natural hair, I asked her could she braid her hair for me and she said she will think about it. DID NOT DO IT. However, every year I went down to get my kids, I braided my niece hair for back to school, bought them back to school clothes and tons of Xmas gifts like I was their mama or daddy, while they did nothing. My mother had to pay to get my nieces hair done during the school year, because she can plait, but not braid (don't ask, I never understood this, she use to do connect the plaits with me and my sister hair - ugh).

Anyway, to be positive , she is supposedly getting her life back together and if that is the case, good for her. I am just happy she has all of her kids in one place. She has found the Lord like she has on numerous occasions and hopefully she really has. I won't knock her, she may have, but if i hear one more gin how she is Save, Sanctified and a Christian, I might just have to snatch her ass back to size.

OKAY, back to my babies. One more thing, I do love all of her children. I just have a special bond for the first 3 because of what I mentioned above. NOW.

One thing about Auntie Urban, she loves education, history and some more. Also, she loves the museum and one thing about D.C. ITS FREE!!! YUP!! I will be their tour guide. We will be going to the Monument, Zoo, National Aquarium (I have never been, I only go to Bmore Aquarium which is the bomb), Air and Space, Fredrick Douglass Home, the pool, park, scrapbooking pictures (finally get to use my supplies), a cook-out in their honor and the icing on the cake - Mr. Stefon tennis camp is having a Family Fun Day Saturday and they can go to that as well. College Boy and Anger Management is planning some thing too.

I am planning my menus: burgers, hot dog, homemade pizza, cakes, cookies and ice cream sundae bar. I know I will be burnt out, but I do not care, I love stuff like this. If you come to D.C. I will show you around!!

Remember I quit drinking, I bet by the middle of the week, I will be taking the sport back up.


Amanda said...

It always amazes me to hear of a mother that has no desire to take care of her kids...does.not.compute.

It is great that they have a great aunt like you to take up the slack! Have a great time with the family- it sounds like you have lots of fun/interesting/educational things planned.

I'll have a drink in your honor, since you gave it up and all...

cici said...

good for you girl.. these are the kinds of things that they will remember for a lifetime. What a blessing it is that they have an auntie like you. I love museums to. I use to take my kids all the time when they were growing up.

Pajnstl said...

Your sister reminds me of mine sisters. whoo Jesus!

Lol @ bold face lie... my mom "nem say that all the time.

lol @ you potentially falling off the wagon

Sheila said...

Hail to the Urban Auntie! Like another commenter said they will remember all the fun for a lifetime. Let me tell... there is a sister, cousin, etc. like that in every family.