Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some more answers


1. How did you and hubby meet??
Did y'all like each other initially?

We were blind dates/phone calls or whatever you want to call it.

My play brother dated my husband cousin, and my brother dater her friend. His cousin and I became friends or associates because of the dysfunctional relationship they were all in. One day his cousin came to the house looking for one of them and since they weren’t there we chilled. She called her cousin or something and he heard my voice and asked to speak to me (you know the hook up). We talked and he told me he was going to marry me and be the father of my kids and I thought he was seriously crazy. I told him, you have not seen me or anything and he was like I am telling you. Cool story to tell, true too. And no, I did not like him initially, when we met, I was like damn, were the same height, oh well we will just be friends. The only request he had when we met was to take my shoes off he wanted to see my feet, I guess if they were jacked it was not going to work.

2. How many kids did you really want? Or did you care?

I never had a preference, I knew I wanted some. However, once I had my son and daughter, I figured okay cool you have two, one each. Then the day I went to the doctor to get my copper IUD, the doctor came in laughing and said you waited to late and I am like whatever, we planned this date, and he said right, and your pregnant. MUTHERFLUCKER, so now we have Mr. Stefon. I would love to have another girl, to see a different personality, but um, that’s okay.

3. Is your house a pet house??

No pets. I would love a dog, but I will not have any pets over until the carpet is removed and we have hardwood floors. I am sorry pet lovers, but I can’t take the funky animal smell. Some owners do not smell it, I don’t understand how, but they don’t. I know of two people who should be banned from having pets. They love their animals to death, but not their carpet, and my eyes and nose hairs damn near singe off once walking in the house. Cool, clean people.

4. What other hobbies do you have? Or would consider doing?

I LOVE to draw, cook and scrapbooking. New recipes are so fun, especially since my kids love for me to try it out on them. I do know that we are not a ground chicken house, OH LAWD. I have always drawn or doodle something. I do it at work now on contracts and have to remember to erase, I have it bad. I am thinking about buying a sketch book this weekend, My kids draw too except for Anger Mgmt, and for some reason I am getting that itch. I would love to try my hand at sewing, and painting.

5. Have you bought another sibling for Baby?

I wish, I bought another bag. I want this Gucci bag sooo bad, if I could sell a toe nail or something I would. But a sister don’t have that much money laying around and I am trying to convince myself that it is okay to spend it on that if I save……

6. How many blogs do you typically read?

I would say around 10 faithfully.

7. How do you stay motivated to knit?

Boredom keeps me motivated. I go crazy if I am not doing anything. Also, learning something new. There is so much to learn with knitting.

8. Heck! How did you learn to knit??

The internet and a kids book. I graduated college and I did not know what to do with myself. I scrapbooked, but it was not doing it for me, and one day out the blue I decided knitting it will be.

Next up, Koolbreeze and Patrice.


Pajnstl said...

LMAO @ how you find out about Mr. Stephon

Virtuous said...

Thanks for answering my many questions! :o)


And I am so with you with stinky pet house! Ew!

Virtuous said...

Ooh! One more question :o)

(Hey you said until the end of the week! Haha)

What made you decide to start blogging??

cici said...

You are on a roll now. I am enjoying your post.. Have you ever thought of writing a book.. You could totally do it.. Take all your blog post and there you have it. You have a gift in writing.:D