Friday, July 25, 2008

Yesterday was a good day

My bestest (yes, I know it is not a word) coworker is leaving our organization at the end of the month, she will be attending NYU Law School. I wish she did not have to go, but it is, what it is. However, the best part of being at my job, good eats when people leave or special occasions. Why you ask? My boss loves spending money and we go to the best places to eat.

Yesterday, we went to Oyamel, good eats all around. We ordered a lot of small plates (Tapas) of different foods and shared. I would show pictures, but I did not take any, I did not want to look crazy.

Yesterday did not start off good, I had to go to the coochie doctor for my annual and he is off the hook. He has no cut cards. Then the dinner did not start until 7. We never do dinners, we normally go at lunch time and take the whole day, so I was a little pissed because I get off at 4 which means I had to find something to do for all that time since I did not want to go all the way home and then have to come all the way back. What's a knitter to do in 85 degree, breezy weather, but to go to the book store and look at all the knitting and cooking magazines and find a nice place to knit. I finished looking at the magazines around 6:00 and was not that far from Oyamel, so I said, self, find a knitty good spot and get to work. I turn the corner from Oyamel and I see Teaism, which looked quite familiar, but I could not remember why and a beautiful park, right by the Navy Memorial. SCORE!! I whipped out my knitting and got to work. D.C. temperature has been turned on to Hot DAMN! But yesterday was gorgeous. So, I am knitting and checking out my surrounding and I see this lady with a cute dog. I noticed her because she actually picked up after her dog, which a lot of people do not do. I can not stand that, when I had our dog, I always picked up after her (carry sandwich bags - work ain't hard). I lower by head and get back to knitting. Then I hear - are you on Ravelry? - PEOPLE STOP THE PRESSES! The lady, with the cute dog is a knitter. YEAH! Why yes, I am and for the next 30 or so minutes we talk about knitting and Ravelry. She has been knitting for 52 years. We introduce ourselves and she said, I know YOU. WHAT! GTFOH!

Anywho, the reason the name Teaism was familiar to me, is because I saw the name mentioned before on Ravelry as a meetup for our area. Of course you all know I am not the meet up type. I just do not do it. However, that might change because I enjoyed talking with GKat and may have to come on out and knit with her at Teaism or at the beautiful park we were at. Oh and I hipped Gkat to KnittingHelp. She said, she never heard of it. I could not believe it. I told her she has to go to KnittingHelp, it is the technical cousin to Ravelry. I learned/and is still learning a lot from the Knitrixes over there. I have not turned on KH for Ravelry, I think they both serve a purpose.

Oh and one more knitterly thing. I finished my 1st block for College boy blanket.



Christie said...

How cool is that? I love random meetings like that. :)

cici said...

yeah,, that was cool.KnittingHelp is one of my favs too. I didn't know about Teaism. I might have to check it out...Ravely makes us all a star.Have a great weekend.

Pajnstl said...

i remember when i said i wouldnt do meetups. Thank goodness everyone i have met has been KEWL!

Anonymous said...

Cool. The interenet makes this world a much smaller place.

Virtuous said...

Giggle...gurl I need to make an appointment to the vajayjay doc too! ;op

I luv when you bump into other knitters and you actually connect!!
Cici is right...Ravelry makes everyone a star! Haha!
I still love my KH site too...for the videos of course! ;o)

I am excited for you actually getting ready to go to a meet up! You gotta let us know how it goes!

NikkiJ said...

Very cool experience. I'm still waiting to meet someone that I normally only know in cyberspace. I see people in cyberspace that I already know in real life, but never the other way around.