Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Wine Festival and The Dark Knight

Wine Festival

This past weekend, I attended another Carribean/Reggae Wine Festival in the hot ass sun. I must have been smoking something (I kid, I don't smoke nuffin), because I did not drink this time (4th of July made me quit). So, I was at the wine festival, with my glass, filling it with Sprite. Let me just tell you when they sang the Reggae song "it was 98 degrees in the shade" - they NEVER lied. We were delusional pouring water/ice on us. It could have easily been a wet t-shirt/halter top contest (I hope my dry clean only silk halter isn't ruined). People, if you look at my CPH in one of the pictures my ring is off (I can't find it sssshhh!), you can see the color change. I mean no shade, no freaking shade. When we got there I found shade and was like hey let's hang out here, but they was like it would be rude because our friends (my husband two aunts) that got there earlier already saved us a spot, but it was not in the damn shade. So, when they were acting like their ass was about to faint, I was like I told y'all dumb ass we could have sat in the shade and visited there asses. I bought it up ALL DAMN DAY!! Besides the sun, it was wonderful. Nothing like good music, people, and food. Oh and this was the first Wine Festival I have been to, where there was no fighting, a beautiful thing. However, a couple fools did decide to take a swim in the pond.

The two idiots and the wine tour - machine that crush grapes.

The Dark Knight
If you have not seen this movie you need to. We will be going again, it was so good. Hubby, Angr Mgmt, College boy and I went to the movies, minus Mr. Stefon. You would have thought it was a secret mission. Mr. Stefon went over his grandma house and we did not want him to know about the movie because he would have scrapped the idea and went with us. We were not having it. College boy came to me and was like, when are we leaving. I thought Anger Mgmt was going to hit him with a left, because he didn't know it was a secret.

HEATH LEDGER was so awesome. Christian Bale is so damn fine and THE ultimate batman, but Heath stole it. I love when an actor is so good you lose who they are (Denzel as Hurricane and Malcom X). I could not tell it was Heath, except for the hairline. I don't want to say too much, so those who have seen, The joker and the nurse - TOO MUCH, thought I would die. The last two Batman's are nothing but the truth and I can not wait for the new 007 that is coming out and many more.

I can tell you what I did see this weekend that was some garbage - Meet the Brown, now I love me some Tyler Perry, but that piece right there was HORRIBLE. What was the purpose of Madear in there? I mean come on, I laughed when I understood what one of the characters was saying, but this was some pure d garbage.


Christie said...

I had just gone to a wine festival two weekends myself. I put on my super huge straw hat and kept the sun off me. Unfortunately the wine wasn't spectacular, but I sure was toasted from that!

Heath was excellent, I do agree. It was just so looooong...

Pajnstl said...

did you see Wanted? how do you think it was compared to batman?

the joker made the movie to me

Anonymous said...

good to meet you knitting at the PQ patch of grass today and now I'm on ta ya with this blog. the hoodie is super.

I loved the pink and green ladies being in town and I gotta tell you they were not at one hotel, they were everrrrry where, millions of 'em. did you catch their march?

just added you as a revelry friend


Carmell said...

Christian is fine ain't he!!! i haven't seen batman yet... doubt i will till it comes out on DVD.
i lost my ring for a whole year before i found it when we moved... hubby eventually figered it out but it was almost a year before he did. he was pissed but i didn't care. it doesn't fit so i can't/don't wear it anyway.

i just saw Meet the Browns last night. it was ok. i just like looking at Ric Fox all night. the car chase was off the wall. i felt the role was too young for Angela's old ass. she was so out of character to me.

Lisa said...

Girl! I LOVED that movie. BEST ever! Bale is... he leaves me speechless! Ledger was awesome - totally convinced me he was NUTSO. We are going to see it again and ditto of 007. That was excellent movie too and Mr. Craig - while not the most handsome - is extremely attractive and piping HOT!!! We will commiserate when it comes out!

KnitFloozy said...

Waiting to see the Dark Knight on IMAX.

You cannot tell me that you did not fall off the couch laughing when that fool pushed his sister into the grave site? I cried I was laffing so hard. And yes - Angela Basset was soooo unbelieveable in that role. She aint not 20 something anything...