Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Questions anyone?

Hey folks. I have been trying to post, but my pictures are acting wacky. I figured I would let you gals get to know me better and follow in Patrice footsteps and let you ask me any ole questions.

So, let's get it poppin. Whatcha want to know about me?


Virtuous said...

Wow! This is an all access pass which is always hard for me to cash in! (Just like with Patrice! Haha)

Mmmmmh let me think on these things! :o)

cici said...

Gurl... you know as soon as you are the one standing up to share,, everythng gets quiet... So, I'll be first.. You said any ole question... What do you love about your life and what would you change?:D

Pajnstl said...

Oooh... lemme see now :)
* what is one thing that hubby does that never fails to brighten your day?
*one thing he does to annoy the shyt outta you? lol

* What was your worst knitting disaster?
* what was/is your best project to date? Pics if you have them

* what would you like your kids to be when they grow up?

*dream vacation all expenses paid... Where are you going?

* Favorite nail polish and color?

umm lol i gots questions for days :p