Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A couple of answers

Patrice had a rack of questions, quite tamed I might add. I am a little on the shocked side. But here are the answers.

What is one thing that hubby does that never fails to brighten your day?

That he puts up with my shit, let me be me AND still think I am sexy. Plain and simple, I know I am not easy to get a long with sometimes, but he is right there supporting me and telling me that I can do it. It's nothing like having someone in your corner. And let me tell you I use to run the streets and he stayed home with the kids, while I was clubbing - that right there takes a special man. So yeah, that is definitely my boo.

*one thing he does to annoy the shyt outta you? lol
Lawd. Keep asking me the same damn question. My husband should have been an interrogator or a lecturer. I feel sorry for the kids, he just keep saying the same thing. I want to say so bad, damn they heard you 20 minutes ago, but I just roll out. ANNOYING, he tries it with me, but i will fake sleep in a minute or again, roll out.

* What was your worst knitting disaster? That damn Starsky. I don’t know what I was thinking about, color and all. It was a crazy green monster and I was determine to complete it even though I knew it was going to be some shit. Too stubborn and I hate thinking something beat me. In the end, it did.

* what was/is your best project to date? Pics if you have them

I would say a scarf I have not put on here before. I have to take pictures.

* what would you like your kids to be when they grow up?

Whatever they want to be as long as they are not in my house putting their name on the OJ asking who drank it. Get the hell out.

Seriously. Happiness, and well rounded adults, so I can sleep at night. Anger Mgmt wants to be a lawyer. College boy major is Computer Science and he is already talking about getting his Masters (we told them that, but we didn’t know if they heard us, I guess they did). Mr. Stefon, wow, he hasn’t said anything yet, but I am just hoping he is NOT the one in the house claiming food.

*dream vacation all expenses paid... Where are you going?
I would love to go to Spain. I want to see the Moors work sooooo bad. Australia, Italy, Paris and China is also on my list. I want to travel period and I am hoping that Spain will happen in the next year or two.

* Favorite nail polish and color? See this is hard. I love nail polish and I love to experiment on the toes, however, I HATE chipped finger nail polish, my toes don’t chip but the fingers are a whole nother story. So, when I get my mani, I normally get Cotton candy or Pearl, so if it chips you can’t see it. Or, I will use color and by day two, using the nail remover.

Cici question: What do you love about your life and what would you change?:

I love my family (my kids/husband) and where I am in life. Very simple, as much as I complain, whine and all that. My kids are really great, I know where they are and they are very respectful and well mannered. I worry about that little one, but all in all, they are my joy. I also have a great set of friends I have known since 8th grade, a nice house and a job to go to.

What would I change is kinda hard. Why you ask? If I change anything, I may not be where I am today. It was hard getting here, but I would not change it, I learned from the trials and TRIBULATIONS! OH MY. So, just to give an answer I would say, I would love to change two characteristics of mine: stubborn as a bull (Taurus stand up), and being a worry wart.

I know three questions you all should have asked me by now and you haven't I guess I will wait until the end of the week and see if anyone ask, if not I will put me out there, but dang, let me find out you all acting shy and scurred!


Pajnstl said...

lol tame huh? Im trying NOT to send anyone to marital counseling.

Lets see....

With you still having kids in the house... How often do you and the hubby have ummm "quality time"?

do you enjoy food play w/ your quality time?

have you ever been walked in own by any of the kids when you and hubby were "talking"? lol

I ask because im nosey... and those are relatively safe questions. :p

Virtuous said...

Haha@ Patrice and not sending folks to counseling!

Okay she got me warmed up!

Here are a few of mine:

1. How did you and hubby meet??
Did y'all like each other initially?

2. How many kids did you really want? Or did you care?

3. Is your house a pet house??

4. What other hobbies do you have? Or would consider doing?

5. Have you bought another sibling for Baby? :o) (gurl I still need to get me a cole hahn! - Don't copy this part! Haha)

6. How many blogs do you typically read?

7. How do you stay motivated to knit?

8. Heck! How did you learn to knit??

Okay enough for now! SEE! They came pouring out of me! :o) I just need someone to get the party started! Haha!

Anonymous said...

i got one.
how do you manage your home/kids/hubby while working?

my toes stay painted forever too. don't ever chip... whats up with that?