Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Weekend, and I see Pink and Green People

I had a beautiful weekend. It was shaky for a moment, a lot of family drama went on and I do not have time for it. This is why I have limited people in my circle (including family). Well, my godsister decided she was the black red cross and wanted me to ride with her to take my mother, and my sister kids (the first 4 – they are visiting their dad and his family for the summer) down to my brothers house. I went kicking and screaming and I told her I had a bad feeling. She said, what, I said I do not know I just have a bad feeling.

Well we pick up the kids and I was so happy to see THEM, my mother, not so much. They are so tall (13, 12, 9, 6), I have not seen them in about 3 years. I will spend time with them in a week or two when I pick them up from their dad’s house in V.A.

I also met my new niece – Hope, that my brother just had and his son. I want to post her picture so bad, but I cannot because of family rules. She is so precious. I held her the whole time I was there. However, there was one snafu, why one of her neighbors made her a crochet blanket – THE SAME ONE, I am trying to learn how to crochet to do for her. I told her mom, I am taking that blanket when I come back. First of all, my baby girl is too cute, to have a hard ass scratchy blanket against her skin. Am I jealous? You betcha!

Oh, and the bad feeling. Well after reminiscing with my brother about how he was thrown out of three schools coming up and how one of the times was my fault, we go to leave and my god sister big ass truck would not start. I was blown man, when your ready to go your ret ta go! So, someone (her) left the light on and the battery died. Her truck is so big (Arm.ada) that a car could not jump it, so Nis.san road side came and jumped it. On a positive note, at least we were at my brothers (with AC and Hope), so we were safe and not on the side of the road.

In other news, The AKA’s have taken over downtown D.C. I am walking to work this morning and soon as I get out the metro station, pink and green everywhere. Decide to walk up the hill to work instead of riding the bus, more pink and green. I guess they have a hotel or something downtown. I know they have been celebrating, but this is the first time I have seen them out and about.

In addition, I may have a finished oldie but goodie knit for you soon.

Virtuous asked why did I start blogging?

I have always written. I love to journal. I have always been the “strong” one, well the strong one needs someone to talk to sometimes, and so I use my journal as an outlet. I thought I would do the same thing with blogging, but I have not, well somewhat. I share about my life and my craft, but it is somewhat limited. I actually think I am not being true to myself/blog sometimes because I bite my tongue on some issues/topics.


Pajnstl said...

goodness @ battery dying.. Nothing like being stuck somewhere. LOL @ you taking the blanket with you.
I know how it is being the strong one...

Virtuous said...

Glad you found an outlet and hope you will be more free! Hey you can always have a private blog where you just really let it all hang out and no one else can see it! Tell me how I know this ;o)

Anonymous said...

family drama. Ugh. I am with you, keep some of them at arms legnth, it can infect you like a virus.

Carmell said...

AKA's have a Barbie coming or already out. i haven't seen her but supposedly everybody is bitchin cause shes light skinned... who gives a crap.