Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mr. Stefon is Practicing Voo.doo

Here me out. I do not know if he is after me or Anger Mgmt......or both.

Anger Mgmt and Mr. Stefon room is next to each other. I noticed a couple times this thing sitting by her door, but kinda thought nothing of it. Then I saw it again and decided to check it out.

Urban: Whose thing is that?
Mr. Stefon: Mine.
Urban: Why is it in the hallway and in front of your sister door?
Mr. Stefon: No reason, its just there.
Urban: I said, ain't that sweet you are trying to protect your sister.
Mr. Stefon: No I am not. I mean I love her and everything, but she just not right.
Urban: All that is so sweet!! Anger Mgmt, you hear your brother say he loves you.
Anger Mgmt: So, I don't care he better move that thing.
Mr. Stefon: Ma see what I got to deal with.
Urban: That's not right, he was really being nice to you.
Anger Mgmt: I know, I was just playing (yeah right), I love him too.

I go downstairs get some water come back up the steps and what is in front of my door......


Urban: Mr. Stefon, can you come get your friend, I am cool daddy will protect me.

That shit is scary.


Anonymous said...

keep your eye on the boy!

Christie said...

Why don't you have your own reality series?

Carmell said...

that thing is creepy! but its cute he put it by your door.

Sheila said...

Mr. Stefon is a riot!!

n0days0ff said...

im reading this thinking you found like a chicken bone wrapped in some herbs under your pillow or is too much

Knitaholictoo said...

when you start hearing beating of goat skins...pack your bags, LOL!