Monday, April 20, 2009


Ya'll know I don't get on the internet on the weekend. Well not that often, Mr. Conservative is a stalker when I am at home when I get on the computer, but that is for another post.

The results came back negative.


Carmell said...

i will be keepin my appointment... i am tired of this!!

i don't care if he stalking!! you just can't drop a bomb like that and then just leave us hanging for 3 days!!! no ma'am!!!
so thats a good thing right??? or is it a bad thing???

Christie said...

I'm glad I read your last post yesterday so I wasn't in suspense all weekend.

How are you feeling about it?

Anonymous said...

sooo no little baby for mr. stephon to corrupt? hmph i was looking forward to THOSE stories.

is all well?

Knitaholictoo said...

...oh well : ) You awh-ight?

Cas... said...

Suspense was killing me.

Karine said...

So, happy or sad?

Virtuous said...

LOL @ Carmell I am with her on this one!!

But understand about the stalker Haha!

So yeah how do you feel about it?