Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Fun and a Beautiful Day

This weekend was awesome. Let’s see where do I begin.

Anger Mgmt is playing JV Softball and guess what!?! She is a captain on the team. Awesome. Well her first game was this weekend. They lost, but you could not tell. The girls were so excited because this was the first time they ever played.

My girlfriend went with us to the game and I found out after the game that the only reason her ass went was so that I could go with her to the stupid Befartcy movie. Well, it was cool since she paid. Let me tell YOU something, that Stringer Bell ( That dude right there!!! Can get it EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, 365. WHAT!! LAWD HAVE MERCY, I wanted to go through that screen and…… OH MY GAWD, just the way he walk, move, AND stand. He just got IT. Okay, let me calm down. STRINGER!!!!!!!! Damn I miss The Wire.

Now, we decided to go WAY out to see the movie, but it made no difference, these people were a damn fool. I mean bringing your kids to the 9:00 movie is not a good look AND then having everyone scream at you or the movie screen is just as bad. Let me tell you a little of what I heard.

- Damn why you bring your kid to the movies, they need to be home.
- Lady screaming I am putting my money on the other chick, she is going to beat B ass and then say kids ya’ll ready to see her get beat up. WTF, is she not one of the stars? Just dumb
- Kid yells out mommy
- People yell out, Im a need you to put that child to sleep.
- Guy besides me screaming no remember OJay
- Why she got heels on SMH (yes she said SMH, like it was a word, like 4 times) SMH
- Girlfriend beside me about to fight the lady beside her.

Me - yelling at people, that the damn movie is not over, and your not at home in front of your t.v. Needless to say I was not a happy camper and they did not like me. What was really sad about this whole thing? These were not young folks acting out it was the fucking parents, grown ass people. The guy who was sitting beside me had to be in his 40’s, 50’s, but whatever and we wonder why the kids are fucked up. I blame the parents of the 70’s – this shit started with your generation – smoking ganja, screwing everybody and trying to make that almighty dollar turning the kids of the 70’s to latchkey kids and retards IMO.

Anywho, the movie was okay, she did better than I thought. At least I could understand what she was saying. Also she was not in the movie a great deal – did you notice that (if you saw it of course).

Almost forgot this is what I saw when we were on our way to the movies.

WHAT IN THE HELL DO SHE HAVE ON? Glad you asked, let me tell you.

Beret, furry slippers, mix matched socks. She rocking that thang like……

Yesterday felt so good outside and Mr. Conservative was off, so we went to the park to let Mr. Stefon play basketball and practice with Anger Mgmt. Oh and I finally got to knit a little and try and finish Pride and Prejudice, it is so good right now and I hate that I only can read like a page or two a day. Well after class today, I will be reading on the train.

Oh, and of course these pictures are late. Here are some pictures of my tulips and I do not know if this is a buttercup or not. They just popped up in the yard this year with some Daffodils. Really awesome, since I did not plant them, they been marinating I guess for three years, from the old owner. Well, lucky me, except they didn’t let most of my tulips come in.

Last but not least, while I was working on my paper last week, College boy was at home studying for his finals too. Well, he decided during his break to show me how to play Olympics. Let me just tell ya’ll something. I am not a video person, I swear I don’t have hand, eye coordination, except when it comes to drinking (hand, eye, mouth). But I told him I would play if he did not laugh at me. He did and I quit. Mr. Stefon on the other hand showed me some matching games on the system this weekend and I am now hooked!! Yes, matching games damn it I have to start somewhere.


Cas... said...

I hate it when people bring kids to a movie they don't need to see and make tons of noise. It's silly. Take them to a kids movie! Geez!

Funny stuff about the kids and the video games. I'm with you. No hand to eye coordination.

That outfit is definitely a WTF moment. Geez!

Thanks for the laughs!

Christie said...

Stringer Bell = ALL GOOD!
And when he speaks in his English accent. sigh
I miss The Wire too.

I don't think I could sit through that movie.

Anonymous said...

smh... i would have been pissed @ the hood folk in the show.