Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your Lipgloss Is Popping!! What flavor is that?

I love my kids. Since we were at the park Tuesday, I was not going to cook after being outside, so we stopped and got some Pop.Eyes to take home.

Were at the table and the kids are having a lively discussion about something and then they get in to it (as usual because Mr. Stefon always start crap, but hate for someone to say something to him).

Mr. Stefon: Why are you on the softball team you dont even like to run.
Anger Mgmt: Leave me a lone.
Mr. Stefon: They must really want to lose they even made you captain.
Anger Mgmt: You should be quiet, thats why your lip gloss is popping!!
Mr. Stefon: What?
Anger Mgmt: You heard me, what flavor is that? Grease? Chicken Grease?
Mr. Stefon: Shut up.

Lawd, I thought I would DIE.


Sha Boogie said...


Why is that hilarious? haha!

Christie said...

She better be careful...Mr. Stefon has the power of the voodoo.

Carmell said...

HAHA!!!! don't you hate it when your kids do something so funny and you know doggone well you should not be laughing but you can't help it and get mad cause you can't laugh for real because it would set a bad example!!! i still laugh though... i'm such a bad mother!

Anonymous said...

That belley laugh was good. Tell Anger Mgmt I said thank you.

Knitaholictoo said...

Holding my side laughin'. AM is too funny!