Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Presentation, Shocker

THANK YOU my little lucky charms.

I believe I did excellent, it would have been better if everyone stuck to five minutes or the professor hit them with something if they went over but nope didn't happen. Two people went 17 and 19 minutes. Yes I timed them. But whatever, that class is OVER!!!! Now, I have a class Wednesday and then the final next Wednesday.

Now, my shocker.

Arlen Spec.tor switching to the Democats. GTFOH!! Can't be possible. I am officially blown. Why? Well, I don't believe one party should have absolute control. It didn't work under Bush and its not going to work under Ob.ama. Sometime we should not agree. No party should have a blank check.



Christie said...

Congrats! And what's up with him switching parties? I read something online that made it sound like he's switching parties mostly so he can be re-elected. Where are the accusations of flip-flopping?

n0days0ff said...

i remember presenting in school. everybody used to hate this one yt girl who always tried to trip you up and ask questions that would fuck up your whole shit

cici said...

Congratulations, I know you are happy!! I'm sure the rest of your classes will be just as successful, Good Luck♥

Anonymous said...

whoohooo im glad your class is over :)