Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The fight and another one begins.....almost

As I walked to the car after work. I evaluate the situation. Mr. Conservative in the front seat jammy to something (looking mighty sexy I might add) and Mr. Stefon is smiling and waving at me.

Pump your breaks. Didn't I get a text that he was fighting? How come he isn't crying? Hmmm....

So, Mr. Stefon tells me what happened. Mommy I could not take it any more. I tried. I really did. You told me to be a bigger person and ignore people, but this time I just could not take it. He is always messing with everyone.

Whoa, partner. What do you mean he has been messing with you? The only person you ever told me about is Machu Picchu. When did this kid come into the picture? Well he messes with the girls and the boys from all the classes and I just had enough. I asked him, if this is the case, did he alert a teacher or something (I know, I know, but i'm saying I have to ask).

SIDENOTE: I always tell my kids they are not allowed to fight in school because there is a zero tolerance policy. I tell them, if someone is messing with you that much you need to tell me and I will take care of it or tell the teacher. HOWEVER, there is an exception to this rule, as it is for all rules. If someone puts their actual hands on you and no one is doing anything about it, handle your business. PERIOD and then I will still deal with it. Back to the program.

At this point I am looking at his father. He then tells me that they have been having problems out of the little boy and he has been putting his hands on quite a few little kids. He also, said they want to suspend him, but they can't because if they did, they would have to suspend Mr. Stefon as well. They also said, that he must have really irked Mr. Stefon because they never seen him act like that.

This bully stuff is really crazy. I think about the kids I have heard of recently killing themselves because they could not take it any more. So.damn.sad.


So while we are in the car on the ride home. I was in a playful mood (after I found out it wasn't my child starting fights). So, I scratched Mr. Conservative hand, and kept at it.

Mr. Stefon: Mommy you all holding daddy hand. Leave his hand alone.
Urban: I am not trying to hold your father hand, he has cooties. I am scratching him.
Mr. Stefon: You can't scratch daddy like that.
Urban: Yes I can. See. Daddy is my property. I can do whatever I want to him.
Mr. Conservative: See Mr. Stefon, remember what I told you earlier. All you have to do is ignore people. I could go to jail right now. But, I choose to ignore your mother.



Amanda said...

seems to me you are doing a great job with that kid... I wish the same could be said for all parents...

Carmell said...

i'm glad he wasn't starting the fight... he said he just couldn't take it anymore! cute.

Anonymous said...

ha! he had taken all he could take. just FED UP!

kids are funny as hell. i dont know how you dont burst into laughter talking to