Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend - LOVED IT!!

My weekend was full and awesome.

Let me start with Friday. Remember, I had to leave work because my mom was in the hospital. Well, everything turned out okay. They kept her for observation for a couple hours and they released her. I found out a lot of things from my mother through the Q&A with the doc.

Doc: Do you smoke?
Ma Dukes: Yes.
Doc: How long have you been smoking?
Ma Dukes: Since I was 12.

Soon as the doc left.

Urban: Wow, mommy you been smoking since you were 12. That is a very long time.
Ma Dukes: Well, I was wrong when I told her that. I think I was like 13 and a ½.
Urban: Ma one year, I’m thinking that is about the same. You need to realize that smoking is a part of what got you here. You need to really quit, they have free programs in D.C. now.
Ma Dukes: I am, I already talked to my doctor about the smoking cessation program, I saw Darryl Green the guy from the Redskins and……

WHATEVER! Basically at this point, I stopped listening to her because all I heard was womp, womp, womp. It was the same ole damn thing.

I thought my mother was coming home with me since it was Mother Day weekend, but um she had a party to go to so she did not come over to Saturday night. Ain’t that some shit.

But that’s cool because the husband and I hung out again. We went down to the National Harbor, walked around and went to National Pastime and watched the Hockey game. Yup hockey folks. We were cheering as if we have been watching for years. They lost, but so what it was so cool.


We ran around looking for Mother Day purses/wallets. We had to buy them the same thing because they both would be at the house and they are always competing. My mother needed a serious wallet; because why when I was with her Friday, she pulled out a ZIP.LOC bag with a rubber band around it. Ridamndiculous. She said when she went to Bin.go the old bitties were laughing and pointing at her. I told her they should.

My mom and husband get a long real well, so we stayed up all night messing with her. My daughter says, they should not be in the same room together. They are always talking about each other. Before I went to bed, I told my mother not to clean nothing up it was Mom day weekend and I plan on doing stuff in the morning.


Got up around 6 because I smelled chemicals and heard fighting. Went downstairs and my mother, college boy and anger mgmt was in the kitchen. I asked my mother why did she clean up – she said what was I suppose to do I was bored. Whatever. See ya’ll don’t understand. I can hear you now. I wish my mother would do it and all that. BUT, my mother don’t just clean up. She REARRANGES. When I came down the stairs, I could see she rearrange my whole mantel piece. It did look better, but that is besides the point. Mr. Conservative can not find his charger. This is what we get - a clean house and missing stuff.

Then I go in the kitchen and Anger Mgmt and College boy are arguing while they are cooking me breakfast. My mother told me that College boy came looking for Anger Mgmt and she start complaining saying she needed another minute to sleep that it was too early. Anyway, I thought that was sweet, but the best part was just listening to them fight. I swear they sound like an old married couple. She was on the waffle station and he was on the omelets. Mr. Stefon, they got rid of by saying he was sick and he didn’t care because he played the WI.I all alone. Let me tell you. Anger mgmt first waffle looked like a waffle fry. It was so FUNNY. I took a picture and told her I would tell you guys and she said only if I promise to tell you, that it was her first time making waffles and that she was just warming up and to take a picture of her next one. That girl was not listening to the beep when it was time for her to take it out or anything. I told her and she told me I was never satisfied. Whatever. My mother went and helped College boy cut up his veggies better for the omelet because she said we would have all choked, but he insisted that the veggies were better bigger and he should have left it that way. Um, no. She also had him cook the mac and cheese from scratch for dinner he was so excited.

I love the picture of them together.

How did their food taste you ask? I have no damn clue. I was not going to eat it, sorry. I ate SALMON CAKES. I finally got my salmon cakes. Who needs Mr. Conservative when I got my momma? Well…..I do, but I needed those damn salmon cakes too.

After that, Mr. Conservative and I had to go back to the first store I went to on Saturday for my mother purse. Because I thought I could get a better purse (for my mommy) and went to 10 other stores on Saturday and didn’t. I hate when Mr. C is right he told me to just get a purse from there when we got his momma purse, but I didn’t because I am hard headed. Anywho we stopped at Cost.co – you know it’s not a weekend with out stopping there. Eyed Jo.Ann but didn’t stop and then hit up Safe.way to get some more beef ribs because they had two slabs on sale for $9.00 and $10 can you believe that? I invited my girlfriend over so we could play spades. Man we whipped that ass. So much so, that they kept taking blinds, AND my mother snatched the paper so we could not show anyone. P.E.T.T.Y My MIL got hooked on W.ii Bowling. Too damn funny, all I heard was they are cheating. Anger Mgmt told her that she needed to give it up, because every game she plays is not cheating.

Nice form.


Adrienne said...

You were busy! Glad your mom was ok!
You just made me want waffles! I LOVE WII!!!! lol

cici said...

Not bad waffles for the 1st time. Sounds like you had a great Mother's day weekend..Family and drama.. wouldn't have it any other way♥

Virtuous said...

Aah what a great weekend despite it all!

And I am hooked on Wii bowling too! :o)

Carmell said...

I love Anger Management!!!! she is hilarious!

i love hearing stories about you family. i wish i had that type of entertaining entertainment!!!

i wouldn't have ate it either!!! my 9yo son made me breakfast in bed last mother's day... OMG i was sick all day!!!