Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend and Mr. Conservative puts his funky foot down.

Is it Friday yet? Damn I am ready already, which is a damn shame since today is Tuesday.

Friday, was okay. Did not do anything really. Went home and was bombarded by the kids – what are we doing this weekend? Are we going anywhere? Are we having a cookout? LEAVE ME ALONE. I chilled and knitted another beret for Anger Mgmt.

Saturday. Went to the Reggae Wine Festival and got a good spot under a big ass tree. Which was awesome because I was not hot like last year where I thought I was seconds away from stroking out and probably could have entered a wet t-shirt contest from throwing bottles of water on me. Woke up the next morning burned the freak up. No one acted up too much this year except the people in front of us who did not understand what personal space is. Anyone who knows me will tell you this is my biggest pet peeve. GIVE me room, damn. Do not crowd me. Their lazy asses got their late and they kept infringing on our space. My girlfriend is the same way and we had to finally tell them do not move your chair back no more. They gave us the slanted eye, but we gave that shit right back and did not have any more problems. Trust people, Urban do not have a fighting disposition, but she will correct the shit if need be. Came back from the Wine festival and found Mr. Stefon with a haircut. Thank you sweet baby Jesus. I wish I could have taken a picture of the bush. I asked his father why he takes him to get his haircut. He said he had a talk with him and he told him he wanted to get his hair cut because he was tired of me yelling at him. Well, if he took care of his hair it would not have been a problem. I hated to see his hair all matted. So score one for me.

Sunday took the kids out to eat at Long.horn. Their steaks are always so delicious. We were having a great time until this little kid decided she wanted to be part of our table or go to the nearest hospital. How you ask? By standing up in their booth and climbing over top to get to our side. Come on people control your kids. For you out there that say I am hard on kids, well you damn skippy. There is a time and place and this was a kid friendly restaurant. However, I do not need to see little Veronica almost hurt her damn self. This was not a back-to-back booth. They were in a closed off section, probably because they had little kids and the wall was high between us. But not for little Veronica. She was determined more than once to make it across that wall. When they finally wrestled her ass down. She decided to turn the restaurant into a track running all over the place. Come on people get your kids the shit is not cute. Oh and she was not 1 or 2, her ass was probably 4. Again, yes, I have kids at least that is what the stretch marks and the bills say. Control them!

Monday took Mr. Stefon to shoot hoops at the park. I had no other choice because all weekend I kept promising to take him and since we did not go after we left the restaurant, I told him I would take him. Needless to say, he was knocking on my door at 6 in the morning. I kindly told him he would lose the hand he was knocking with if he kept it up. I finally got dressed at 10 and took him. Lawd it was hot and we only stayed for about 30 minutes. Came back did Anger Mgmt hair and went to a classmates cookout. We had a great time. Which is kinda unusual for me. I do not let people in to easily but she has a wonderful spirit and so does her husband. So, it was all good. Started a baby blanket for one of the many babies that will be arriving soon.

Foot action
Oh, wait. Something else surprising happened. Mr. Conservative told me NO. That is just so amazing to me. We were at the cookout, my friend asked me to go to a wine festival next weekend, and he whispered to me – No. WE cannot go. I am looking at him, like dude, WE do not need to go. I am going. He then explains, you don’t need to go because we are planning this big party and we should not be spending all that money, you know you are going to want to buy something (um, so what, we went to Long.horn). I had to look at him, to make sure I heard him right. Because we do not really “ask” each other if, shit is okay. We normally “ask” as a formality. How the hell he gonna say no after so many years, when he ain’t say no before. I mean hell – babe, you mind if I go to the strip club? Go head, you gonna do you. Babe, you mind if I go to ECU and stay on campus for the weekend? Go head. NOW you want to lay your little funky foot down for a wine festival!!! That is so sexy. I might let him win this one….or ego may not. We shall see……

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