Friday, May 29, 2009

Roses, Lillies and something oh my!!

I am telling you I do not have a green thumb at all!! I want inside plants but because of bad past experiences I haven't bought any yet. I am also the scariest, funniest gardener you will ever see. Did I tell you I hate creepy, crawlies? Yes, ma'am. I will plant anything as long as I don't see anything and when a worm jump out ITS OVER, A DONE DEAL. I can't take it. Anger Mgmt is the same way.

However, the owner before us used some excellent soil mix or something. I know he use to grow tomatoes and other plants. My roses were planted by him, but everything else is ALL moi.

Anywho, I have been so busy playing security to the front yard which has only produced one new flower the backyard has been churning out these beauties.

Red Roses

I love the dew on the roses.

Pink Roses

Lillies - I hope all the lillies aren't yellow. Last year, they were yellow, orange and white. So far they look like they will be yellow.

Front Yard Beauty (do not know the name)The kids and I were at Costco and they decided the Lillies were looking lonely after the tulip season was over, so we got all these different plants and planted most of them in the backward except for a few we put in the front and here is one of the beauties out doing the lillies (which haven't produced jack in the front).


RealHustla said...

spectacular. that last one is a cala lilly. beautiful.

gold said...

Beautiful flowers! I haven't even started working on the yard!!