Monday, May 18, 2009

Surprise Party, Wine Festival and Anonymous


Was my Birthday – the big 35. It was awesome. I got my hair did, my nails done (mustard yellow) and hung out with the girls and found some clothes that actually fit. Came home and they gave me a surprise party. SWEET. I loved it, although they said they will never give me another party because I ask too many questions. Whatever. It was my first party (besides baby showers) and I truly enjoyed because I am the one always planning and doing stuff for everyone else. Did I tell ya’ll my stepdad, well I will tell you on another post. I’m a try to keep everything positive, so I will mention my dad too.


It was hard getting up since people were over my house until 3 in the damn morning (go the hell home). My body is an automatic alarm clock, so I got up a little late, um 6:00 am and started cleaning my room because if I tripped over Mr. Conservative boots one more time, I swear for Gawd…...

We went to the Wine Festival and had a ball minus one chic that I meant to blog about that works my nerves, again another post because I am going to try and keep it positive. We had great food, semi great company except for an almost beat down and the bomb crab cakes.


Went to my favorite store, and tried to rest. Played beautician, put the hair crack in my mothers’ hair, did my daughters hair (which is horrible because it is natural and we always fight) and took Mr. Stefon hair out.

That was my quick, positive version of the weekend. How was your weekend?


ANONYMOUS stated how he/she rewinded the pimp slap with the teddy bear over and over.

THANK YOU. I thought we were the only one who saw that., Mr. Conservative and Goldie. Child, I thought I would die with no oxygen. Let me tell you we had the laughter stuck in our throat when that shit happened and Mr. Conservative recorded it and rewind that shizznit back and fourth. THAT was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. My hubby stated, I know he was hot mad. I told him no he ain't he probably thought it was cute. Kids do the darnedest thing. TOO DAMN FUNNY (laughing as I type) Whoa.


Adrienne said...

Happy Belated Bday!!!

LOL @ tripping over the boots.
WHen folks come over here they don't go home either lol.

Christie said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you have a nice weekend!

Virtuous said...

Glad your b-day weekend was great!!

Anonymous said...

sorry i missed your birthday!

glad you had a great time!!

Chelette said...

Happy Belated Bday..been out of town -- just catching up on blog reading. glad you had a good one!!!

Carmell said...

what teddy bear pimp slap?

you birthday sounds really nice!

what do you put on AM's hair or have her pit on it? how does she wear it?

KnitFloozy said...

Ok where is the pimp slap! I wanna laugh too! Great to hear that you had a great birthday weekend! It's always nice when someone else plans the party and you get to enjoy it!

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday Day!