Thursday, May 14, 2009

You want to know a secret?

Today is my birthday eve, my dads'bday. My mom made me remember something when she was over Mother Day.
She asked me when did I start celebrating my birthday?

Good question. I think when I turned 31. I use to be on pins and needles when my bday approached because it seemed like something bad was going to happen. An unexpected bill, my stepdad died around my bdy and other ish. I wish she never bought it up because it has been blowing me every since.


cici said...

Happy Birthday to you♥♥ sounds like you need to put in another tape.. I wish you the best Birthday ever!

Virtuous said...

Happy Birthday to you gurl!!! And it is going to be wonderful no matter what!! ;o)

Christie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Cas... said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Don't sweat the past bad mojo. Enjoy your day as you should.