Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pattern screw up, Lillies, Clouds, Doggie, Marvin

Pattern screw up
Okay, so I started on a new baby blanket, but I know I am doing it wrong. It is suppose to be with different colors using the slip stitch however. It is not working out right. I asked for help on a knitting site and they tried to help me, but I think I read the pattern wrong and since I just did 20 rows of 207 stitches, I think I figured out the problem. Therefore, I will be taking it ALL out. Reading is suppose to be fundamental, but not all the time when I knitting. I swear…

My lilies are about to burst on to the scene. I cannot wait. Although Mr. Stefon has decided to start keeping count of them because we see a couple holes in the ground. People.

I had to show you this picture. It’s from the wine festivals. Look at the clouds. I think this is so pretty.

Cute dog
This cute little dog was in the Dry Cleaners. I could not believe they dyed the dogs tail.

This song keeps popping up on my MP3 player repeatedly and now I am listening to it at work as well. Marvin was a genius – the music, the words, instruments. Just wow.


Anonymous said...

You have a greenthumb too huh. Lol my thumbs arent meant to grow atuff lol. I have am aversion to dirt
I doubt I would have ripped it back lol

Adrienne said...

Girl I'm TRYING to grow some stuff over here! I took some pictures today! LOL


cici said...

I think the the blanket looks good. This could be your first design. Those are some big lillies. Looks like you have a lot of them. All this rain is paying off. Marvin is a legend and timeless.