Monday, May 04, 2009


This weekend was okay.

Switched the clothes from Winter to Spring/Summer. Looks like I could have waited a little while, but whatever.

I studied. Finals are Wednesday and I can not wait. I also thought about writing a speech for my HOA, I am running as one of the directors, but then figured, hell I already know what to say, I really don’t have to write it.

I have been reading a lot this semester. I finished, World Without End, Catchers in a Rye and Pride and Prejudice. Can’t say I am too mad at any of them, oh wait that damn Pat,terson. I hear he has a new book out, but I am scared to get it after that last one, so I started To Kill A Mockingbird this morning.

I also got a chance to knit a little something. I am in a swap so, I finished one wash cloth and started a new one this morning. Sweet.

Saw Wol.verine, with the men in my life. It was okay.

I went to one of my favorite stores Cos.tco. I so heart the damn place. Played in the yard, pulled some weeds.

I cooked this weekend. Well somewhat. I made waffles and all that Saturday. So when Sunday came I asked Mr. Conservative to make breakfast and he had a fit.

Mr. Conservative: (huffing and puffing AND sucking his teeth) Man, I ain’t cooking.
Urban: Why? I was up studying.
Mr. Conservative: Well, I ain’t cooking. You always cook lately while I am at work. I saw waffles, eggs and meat left over from yesterday when I got home. I am going to get some coffee.
Urban: Are you serious? Can you cook some salmon cakes?
Mr. Conservative: Naw man. That’s messed up AND you jumped out the bed this morning.

I had to jump out the bed in the morning or I would never have gone down and studied. I have to study when it hits me or the ain’t gonna happen. And I do better either real early in the morning or very late at night.

Anywho, I cooked his crybaby ass some breakfast while he got some damn coffee. His ass is freaking spoiled. It ain’t my fault he works on Saturday. Shit, I can’t let the damn kids starve. I had to make them some breakfast and truth be told, waffles are just easy as hell when you have a waffle maker AND quicker. He makes the best salmon cakes, next to my momma. His ass will be making them for dinner one day this week.



Christie said...

Oh boy! Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, a birthday! Cool.

Mister sounds like mine...I have to BEG him to cook. Oh well, at least he can cut the grass.

Your weekend sounded busy enough.

Sheila said...

Sending Happy Early Birthday Wishes.

Also, maybe Mr. Conservative is not cooking b/c he's trying to hold out til your B-day...

Anonymous said...

Spoiled or not, you gotta a good thang going there, you know that.

What is quick? Like quick mix?

Hope finals go well, sorry about the reading list.

Virtuous said...

Gurl you are into a little bit of everything! School, HOA, work, making waffles, knitting, green are so Superwoman!! :o)

You and hubby are cute! Y'al really make it work!

HAPPY B-DAY in advance!!!! How young will you be??

Keep hitting the books hard...break coming up soon right?

cici said...

Sound like a jammed pack weekend. I wonder will you miss studying lol. My girls Luvved Wolverine. I knew it was something we had something in common.. We are both Taurus♥

Cas... said...

Well my birthday is Monday so we are both a Taurus! Aren't we lucky!

Sounds like your hubby needs some TLC. Besides you left the bed too early! LOL!

Good Luck with the finals you superwoman! LOL!