Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FO: Mirbeau Slip Stitch Baby Blanket

Pattern: Mirbeau Slip Stitch Baby Blanket by Brenda A. Lewis

Yarn: Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sports

Needle Size: U.S. 6

This baby blanket has been a pain in my arse. However, I persevered and it is DONE!

I made this blanket for my next-door neighbor’s first baby. They do not know the sex of the baby; therefore, I made the blanket with pastel colors. If I had to do it over again, I would venture out to other colors.

This was a fun knit after I learned the pattern. The pattern is not too clear in the beginning. This was a love/hate blanket for me. Why? Here goes, let’s start with.....


1. I should have carried all the colors up the side, but I thought it would be too bulky.
2. Damn this was a long knit, will use bigger needles if I knit it again.


1. THAT I FINALLY FINISHED A BABY BLANKET!! I started making my Godbaby blanket when she was in the womb and I believe she is five now. That yarn was taken out and used to create the SockWarrior sock for Sheri of Loopyewe. The red sock on the pattern was made with my yarn. Good damn yarn too.
2. I stuck with the pattern and did not cheat. Except for when I read a book or just left it all together. I got bored and I had an awesome summer. Therefore, I did not spend a lot of time knitting.
3. The blanket looks really nice and I am so very proud.
4. This blanket is machine washable, which I think any new mom can appreciate.
5. Grateful parents. When I told the mom, I was making her a blanket she was very excited and thankful. Always, love giving gifts to folks who will appreciate it.
6. Also, it looks like I did a lot of work but this pattern was very simple. I love simple patterns that looks difficult.
7. Thank goodness for scrapbooking. Because I might not scrapbook as much, but I am always using material I have for school projects or wrapping a baby blanket in it. It has all the colors of the blanket. SCORE!

All in all a great knit. I love the finished product, so it was well worth it.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but you should know the drill by now. One day I will get better.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow this came out great. I think our more tedious projects teach us patience (sometimes anyway). Very nice !!!

KnitFloozy said...

I love it and that may be my next project!

Carmell said...

cute! i wish i would have thought of that blocking method!!!! i made my BFF a granny square blanket for her baby and i steamed it... not nice! ya'll gon make me post something!

Anonymous said...

good job :)

Sheila said...

Beautiful Blanket and the stitches make the colors pop.

Virtuous said...

LOL! Don't you feel so accomplished now! :)

Great work on the baby gift gurl!

Kimberly said...

I have a question. You said that the pattern wasn't clear to you at first. I'm running into that problem now. Could you help interpret it. I don't understand the CO and knit 3 rows and row 1 is the same color. Do I continue on in that color for 7 rows total or do I start counting the 4 rows after the first. Very confusing. Thank you

blanket said...

Stitching and patience go hand in hand...a good one is a gift of a lot of patience.good discussion and tips here.

america said...

A good one...and inspires me to pick up my long lost love for it.But the blog could have been more interesting with better pictures to support the handwork.