Friday, August 21, 2009

My Birth Story: Collegeboy is 20 today!

Urban: Mommy can you take me to get some manwich.
Mommy: I will be glad when you drop that baby because you and manwich is getting on my nerves. Come on.

My mom and stepdad drove around to get me my manwich and while doing so, every bump I hit was painful. But I thought nothing of it. Then my mom said we should go to the hospital. We went to the hospital and they said it was probably Braxton Hicks (fake as contractions). They got tired of seeing me. This was my third time coming to the hospital that week. The nurses told me to walk around so the baby will drop and don’t come back until my contractions were five minutes apart.

Oh well. I went home and the Manwich that I adored turned into heartburn so I kicked my stepdad out the bed and went to lay with my mother. She slept like a baby and I kept complaining about back pains. I woke her up and she was like did your water break. I said no, she turned over went back to sleep. However, I made plenty trips to the bathroom and all that would come out was a little drizzle. Finally, I said freak it and called my Uncle who lived all the way across town.

Urban: Unc, you need to come pick me up because I am in labor.
Uncle: I am not picking you up because your mom and dad are there.
Urban: Fine. I am not going to the hospital unless you come.
Uncle: Okay, I’m on my way.

Called baby daddy who lived in the house across the street and told him “its showtime.”

Now I really didn’t know it was time, but my back hurt like hell and I determined that this had to be it or close to it.

Everyone piled up in the car for the hospital. Today my Uncle talk about the ride to the hospital because every bump was a problem.

Urban: (screaming) Can’t you try and miss the bump!
Uncle: I am trying. I am not even driving that fast.
Urban: DANG!! You got to be hitting every pothole known to man.

We get to the hospital, and because I was a young mom they treated me like crap. They wouldn’t give me a wheelchair. They told me I needed to walk. My Uncle told them to get me one. She said it was better for me to help bring me to full labor. But we kept trying to tell her I was sick and needed the wheelchair and she would not listen. Well in true Urban fashion, I threw ALL that manwich up and I got the damn wheelchair then.

Now, folks the whole time all I dreamed about while pregnant was getting an epidural so I wouldn’t feel any pain. However, after checking me they said I was fully dilated and did not have time to get an epidural. WHAT!? My mommy and doctor told me I can have one. Well, it is too late you are delivering this baby NOW.

Ya’ll I was so mad because I wanted that damn epidural and did not want pain. I can’t STAND pain. No sir re bob.

Anywho, went into the room and on August 21, 1989 I gave birth to a big headed little boy that was 21 ½ inches and 7 lbs.

He is the same as he came in the world quiet and gave his mother no trouble. He slid right out. I didn’t need stitches or anything. However, I do remember what the nurse in the room said. That was an easy birth, but the rest will be very painful. WTF!! If I have to see it from the nurse side – maybe she was saying that because I was a young mom and that would be a deterent. My side, DAMN she cold. That is not something you say to someone after giving birth no matter what age. But, it is what it is.

Actually, I have had three natural births with no epidural and no stitches – BLESSED.

Back to my baby boy. He stayed in the hospital an extra day because he had a little jaundice.

I just can not believe my baby is no longer a teenager and is a man. He is 21.

I am so thankful to God for this beautiful gift. Although after going in his room this morning to wish him a happy birthday I was ready to strangle the heck out of him.

I asked him what happened to his room.

Urban: Boy what in the world is going on in here.
Collegeboy: Nothing.
Urban: I know you see all this stuff on the floor, how in the heck do you walk around.
Collegeboy: Ma this is a working mans’ room.
Urban: Boy please, I will discuss this room with you tomorrow.
Collegeboy: Why are you taking pictures?
Urban: So I can put it on the web and show them how trifling you are.
Collegeboy: Okay. Maybe I will go in your room and take a pictures and upload it.
Urban: Whatever. Have a great day at work and happy birthday.

Tsunami, what in the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why you ask?

1. He is my child.
2. He calls home when he is out and let me know what time he will be home and he calls when he is at the metro, on the bus. Overkill really. But so what, I know where he is.
3. He interacts with us. He called me last week, excited he found a new game, Monopoly Cards, for us to play, so he purchased it. We finally played the game last night and we had so much fun. I hate real monopoly.
4. Last but not least, his character. He has always had a great spirit and I love it about him. He knows it is okay to be different and he does not care what people think. He plays his “white” music and hang out with his friends with no care in the world. He will give you his last dollar (or mine).

By baby is no longer a teenager, but a grown man (not really), but he will always be my baby.

The outfit he wore home from the hospital.

Sleeping. Damn, he is a splitting image of his father. Even mannerism. Lawd, I am glad that is all he got from him. And why is he sleeping with his laptop and video games and more...


Cas... said...

LOL! I love the story. You should print it out and put it in a scrapbook.

Tell him I said "Happy Birthday".

patrice said...

Happy Birthday!

I always enjoy hearing birth stories :)

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Collegeboy.

Knitaholictoo said...

LUCKY!!! Happy belated college boy!

Christie said...

Aw, Happy Birthday, CB!