Monday, August 03, 2009

Why Me? #14542 My heel just broke!


Is it somewhere written that I am not suppose to have a good Monday freaking morning? I mean seriously WTF!@!

So, I am having a good day and decide to go get something for lunch. Ready to read up on some ish and take a break. Have it all planned out that I would I would wait later so by the time I get back it will only be two hours for me to leave.

SIDENOTE: Got up this morning and decided I would look too cute today. Do a little something extra so the husband can be like damn when I got home. Put on a nice dress, some MAKEUP (don't really wear) and some heels instead of wearing my sandals. COULDN'T TELL ME NUTHIN YA DIG!!

Grab my shit to eat lunch. Briefcase - Check. Money - Check. Book to read - Check. Okay, let me stop in the restroom and I am out!!

Leave and strutting because I KNOW I look good. Got that walk going and I hear a little noise look down and noticed I stepped on a little piece of wood, so I straighten myself and keep it moving. Okay, chest out back straight now strut!! How come I cross one street and the next and bam a bitch almost lose her balance - which would have cost me my cool card because I am downtown and surrounding my cars.

I look down and am like WTF!! Lift my leg up and sure enough I BROKE MY FUCKING HEEL and today would be the day that I did not bring my "if my feet starts hurting I will switch to these" shoes. So now I am walking back to the office with one leg looking longer than the other because I am not trying to put any pressure. So instead of looking cute, I look all gimpy and have to walk all slow. Why ME?

This is so not cool. I love these sandals because of the little flower detail and decided to let them come out and play because I only wore theme once the whole damn summer and now they are broke. DAMN! DAMN! DAYHUM!!!


Sha Boogie said...


Sorry :(

So done with the gimpy heel! I always hear about folk breaking their heel, but I've never been a victim, that sucks!

cici said...

dang.. well i hope you had another pair to make it through the rest of day.. I guess its time to go show shopping♥

KnitFloozy said...

Sorry that your shoe broke! Be a cute gimp! LOL

Virtuous said...

Maaan I've never had that happen to me and always fear it! Esp. when I step in between a crack!

@ "the day that I did not bring my "if my feet starts hurting I will switch to these" shoes"

Gurl I always bring/wear them now!!

Just a new opportunity for you to buy some new cute shoes now ;o)

Adrienne said...

Girl that SUCKS!!!!!!! I've NEVER had that happen!!!

Sheila said...

Nooooo! Now I know you had some shoes stored in office.. or did you buy a pair...

LoverofWords said...

Stop, don't throw them out! Take them to a shoe repair place and get new heels.
Those are too cute.

Anonymous said...

For some reason this story reminds me of the time my girlfriends mom, back in 1950 something had just gotten her hair pressed. She strutted around too much that day and her granny dunked her head in a bucket of water to end it all. It just came to mind.